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  1. Which is entirely possible, since wouldn't Mical and Bastila be about the same age?
  2. She doesn't like Bao, because she can't manipulate him. Just like she can't manipulate the droids.
  3. There's also the possiblity that he was Coorta's contact to get the Exile off station. But was caught with a weapon or something like that or changed his mind when he found out what his "cargo" was (I mean Atton doesn't seem to keen on spending time with Jedi). And Coorta decided to find a way to get him out of the picture, as it were. Or he could have been working for the mining facility hauling fuel. I mean he does seem to know alot about what goes on there.
  4. And by saying it was there choice he could mean that they (the Clans) were manipulated into attacking the Republic, not necessarily against their will, but for someone else's gain, i.e. the Sith.
  5. I've never been able to figure that one out. The only thing I can come up with is that the Bastila in the Sith tomb trial is supposed to look younger than the Bastila in the holos. Therefore the Exile would recognize the young Bastila but not the older one? Also the Bastila in the holocron should be showing the effects of the DS so... **shrug**
  6. It's probably there original planet. You know like how Twi'leks are from Ryloth, Rodian are from Rodia, Devaronians from Devar (or is it Devaron?) etc.
  7. However, if you're romancing Carth do it second.
  8. Bao says that his people had colonies all over the Outer Rim and their destruction is what made him join up.
  9. Minor spoiler ahead Especially those five or so guys that attack you after you talked to Master Kavar for the first time. It was like attack of the clones, since they all had the same head!!!
  10. There is also the possiblity that during Davik's background check that they both found out the PC was Revan. However, I would bet that Calo simply described Carth, Bastila and the PC to Saul and Saul recognized who s/he was.
  11. Well she also grew up on the streets of Taris, and place where survival is everything. And she's also a Twi'lek which might mean she has aged faster than humans. She's slightly taller than my scoundrel PC. Which is kinda sad if you think about it.
  12. Actually, it's in one of her conversations with the PC. PC: "Smacking a kid!! Those Vulkars have no class!" Mission: Hey, don't treat me like I'm a little girl! I'm 14 years old!" Edit: You're correct, I was in a hurry had to go out to dinner, wasn't thinking. Fixed! -RH
  13. Mira also comments on how young the Exile look and that s/he has hardly changed at all since the end of the Mandalorian wars: Female Exile: "Don't understand how that Jedi keeps in shape like she does; she's barely changed from the holorecords. She just seems to be naturally beautiful." Male Exile: "Don't understand how that Jedi keeps in shape like he does; he's barely changed from the holorecords. He just seems to be naturally young" Which means the Exile would have had to have been at least old enough to look then like s/he does now (in K2).
  14. She. And isn't that ^ what I said. About the Zabraks in helmets thing, those aren't Zabraks those are Iridorians. Different species.
  15. It's like saying I'm Human (Zabrak) and an American (Iridonian). One is my species the other my nationality.
  16. You need more influence with him.
  17. Not necessarily. I mean I think the Exile is in her 30's and I'm in my 20's.
  18. In the conversation where she tells you about how her and Zaalbar met if you choose the line: "Smacking a kid? Those Vulkars have no class!" she responds: "Hey! Don't treat me like I'm a little girl! I'm 14 years old!".
  19. Bao's my favorite! I liked his quiet personality, his affinity with machines, the fact that he hates the Mandalorians, yet still feels guilty about destroying them. And of course remote.
  20. The Mandalorians attacked non-republic worlds for twenty years before they attacked the Republic, Cathar was one of these worlds. Or so Master Dorak says. Canderous is actually in his 50's. He says he had been fighting across the galaxy for forty years in K1. Most Mandalorians start fighting young in their early teens.
  21. Which is what makes Carth & Bao better romances, Carth's 38 and Bao's probably the Exile's age. j/k No actually, it does bother me in a way that male Revan & Exile's romances are so much older than them (with the possible exception of Visas and Disciple in a Fem!Exiles case. Visas being the same age, Disciple being younger). I mean Carth, Bao-Dur (I know he's not a romance, but I wish he was), Atton are all Rev or the Exile's age, (or close to it) but Mira, Brinna and Bastila are all like ten years younger than their respective partners. Anyway, I still think the Exile is his/her 30's and Revan is the same age.
  22. Revan: Name: Shayla Varn Gender: Female Head: This one Class: Scoundrel/Consular Weapon: Blaster Pistol/Single-bladed violet saber Alignment: Blindingly lightside Romance: Carth (Naturally ) Exile: Name: Isan Ilar Gender: Female Head: This one Class: Consular/Jedi Master Weapon: Vibro-blade, Single bladed silver saber Alignment: Again blindingly lightside Romance: Oh, how I wish it was Bao!!!
  23. When Disciple and Kreia are talking aboard the Ebon Hawk when he finds out what the Exile is he says to Kreia "I know who you are, not even the markings of the darkside can hide it." I don't know if that has any significance or not though. (Zadi, I like you avatar. I use that head for the Exile as well)
  24. Yes but they removed her completely from the game, which means that the quest to go find her in the grove was not complete. So it might not have matter to some, but us lady gamers would have been severely disappointed.
  25. I didn't mind so much not finding "cool" things in the Dantooine academy as it had been stripped by the salvagers. However, I was disappointed about the fact that there weren't any cool crystals or anything in Ludo Kressh's Tomb.
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