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  1. Yup i have the specs, and i also have KOTOR which runs fine and the both have the same grahpic settings.
  2. Ya not scratches, tried lowering graphics, i just can't find anything left to do. I'll see at obsidian forums, thnx for your help/.
  3. Thats not possible for me because my bro's comp doesnt have the specs and i cannot use my fathers comp.
  4. My game crashes at the loading screen, but like it finishes loading then it crashes. I can get into the other places fine, but there is still a chance it can crash. I cannot get into the refugee sector at all. I try to put the patch but it says something like, old files cannot be found to replace or something like that. These random crashes has been happening since the begining of my game, but i can still progress. Only the refugee sector is a crash every time. Edit: Patched my game, updated my drivers, the refugee sector still crashes, and i still have the random crashes.
  5. I reinstalled my game and put the correct Mira folder back, and put some mods in my game. So the Mira folder is not the issue. I'll update my driver and i'll see what happens. Edit: I've updated my drivers and got into the refugee sector, and then restarted my computer, but now my game crashes before the menu. Edit: Fix the menu and now the refugee sector does not load.
  6. Yup, just zbyl2's Un-Restored Content, Dstoney's M4-78, USM, and Ultimate Sound Mod. I've tried reinstalling TSL and starting a game without mods, but it still crashes. But during installation i replaced the current Mira folder in the SteamVoice/GBL folder so that might be why i can't get into the refugee sector, she has no dialogue. If someone could send me the original Mira folder that would be great.
  7. I just started playing TSL lately and i my game seems to crash after a loading screen. It happens randomly and often. I also can't get to the refugee sector in Nar Shadaa, my game freezes at the loading screen and crashes. Heres swinfo: [sWKotOR] ReportDateTime=8/12/2008 8:49:46 PM SysInfoVersion=v1.00.60 GameExists=1 GameVersion=v2.00.424 GameInstallLocation=d:\Program Files\LucasArts\SWKotOR2\ [OS] Name=WinXP Version=Windows XP v5.1 build 2600 Service Pack 2 Service Pack=Service Pack 2 Status=Pass [swapFiles] C:\pagefile.sys=2046 D:\pagefile.sys=0 G:\pagefile.sys=0 H:\pagefile.sys=0 [CPU] CPUCount=1 CPUSpeed=1802 CPUFamily=15 CPUModel=15 CPUStepping=0 CPUVendor=AMD CPUName=AMD Athlon 64 Processor 3000+ Status=Pass [Memory] RAM=2048 Status=Pass [Disk Free Space] C: (NTFS), UNICODE=8.34GB D: (NTFS), UNICODE=33.56GB Status=Pass [CD-ROMs] DriveLetters=E:\,F:\,I:\ Drives=HL-DT-ST CD-ROM GCR-8520B,HL-DT-ST RW/DVD GCC-4480B,SONY DVD RW DRU-530A [Video] Video Card Name=Radeon X1300/X1550 Series Video Memory=512 Desktop Resolution=1440x900x32 @ 60Hz DirectX=DirectX 9.0c ( OpenGL Version=2.1.7659 Release OpenGL Vendor=ATI Technologies Inc. OpenGL Renderer=Radeon X1300/X1550 Series Vid Card Status=Warning Vid Card Driver Status=Pass GL Status=Pass DX Status=Pass [Audio] Sound Card Name=Creative Audigy Audio Processor (WDM) Status=Pass ;Game Options from swkotor2.ini [Display Options] FullScreen=1 Disable Movies=0 Disable Intro Movies=0 Sort Modules=1 Width=640 Height=480 BitsPerPixels=32 RefreshRate=60 [sound Options] Music Volume=100 Voiceover Volume=100 Sound Effects Volume=100 Movie Volume=100 Number 3D Voices=32 Number 2D Voices=32 2D3D Bias=1.50 Force Software=0 EAX=0 Sound Init=0 Disable Sound=0 [Graphics Options] V-Sync=0 Anisotropy=1 Frame Buffer=1 Anti Aliasing=2 Texture Quality=2 Grass=0 Soft Shadows=0 Shadows=0 Brightness=57 RefreshRate=75 Height=768 Width=1024 EnableHardwareMouse=1 FullScreen=0 AllowSoftShadows=1 [Game Options] UnlockedPlanetSongs=767 Enable Tooltips=1 Keyboard Camera Deceleration=2000.000000 Keyboard Camera Acceleration=500.000000 Keyboard Camera DPS=200.000000 TextureVariation=10 BodyVariation=9 AppearanceType=176 PCGender=0 GameCompleted=0 CurSithLord=2 Hide InGame GUI=0 Use Small Fonts=0 Hide Unequippable=0 Tutorial Popups=1 Subtitles=1 Mini Map=1 Floating Numbers=1 Status Summary=1 Enable Mouse Teleporting To Buttons=1 Mouse Sensitivity=44 Difficulty Level=2 Auto Level Up NPCs=1 Mouse Look=0 AutoSave=1 EnableScreenShot=0 Reverse Mouse Buttons=0 Reverse Ingame YAxis=0 Reverse Minigame YAxis=0 Combat Movement=1 TooltipDelay Sec=1 Disable Movies=0 EnableCheats=1 [config] firstrun=0 [Keymapping] Action286B=8 Action286A=7 Action285B=10 Action285A=9 Action284B=54 Action284A=51 Action283B=54 Action283A=51 Action282B=69 Action282A=73 Action281B=53 Action281A=76 Action280B=69 Action280A=73 Action268=52 Action265=58 Action264=57 Action263=43 Action262=85 Action261=84 Action260=83 Action259=82 Action258=81 Action257=80 Action256=79 Action255=78 Action254=77 Action253=31 Action245=75 Action244=55 Action243=67 Action242=74 Action241=87 Action240=56 Action239=68 Action238=82 Action236=83 Action234=81 Action232=80 Action230=79 Action228=78 Action226=77 Action225=70 Action224=90 Action223=31 Action222=25 Action221=24 Action220=29 Action219=28 Action218=42 Action217=87 Action216=65 Action215=63 Action214=60 Action213=62 Action212=61 Action211=66 Action210=59 Action209=71 Action208=89 Action207=72 Action206=30 Action205=55 Action204=67 [Autopause Options] End Of Combat Round=0 Mine Sighted=0 Enemy Sighted=0 Party Killed=0 Action Menu=0 New Target Selected=0 [Movies Shown] Movie10=1 Movie 9=1 Movie 8=1 Movie 7=25 Movie 6=1 Movie 5=3 Movie 4=217 Movie 3=101 Movie 2=239 Movie 1=247 Movie 0=237
  8. Can someone get me the Delta Squad for KOTOr the number is 17396,but i done have the name.
  9. I am currently missing a dialog.tkl filoe for KOTOR so can anyone send me one and help me with where it's supposed to be.
  10. can you post a pic of it then Antizac
  11. Antizac can you model the Link from Twilight Princess?
  12. this still being worked on because i really want the clones and obi wan.
  13. Omeewan can you also send me the 501st pack?
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