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  1. *hop*


    Save your game?

  2. ^ Thank you for reminding me I need to update my signature.
  3. I'm sure any sane person would be. Obama needs a pope mobile.
  4. I just want to point out the hypocrisy in people getting all upset when others point out Obama's association with his minister and "fellow terrorists" and all that, yet are so quick to jump on McCain being "associated" with his brother who did something stupid once. And that's all I have to offer. No useless walls of text that lead to more walls of text here.
  5. Was the one continuous plot without a whole ton of side stories and characters too much for you? I liked the older film style of it.
  6. You'd better. I'm sending a squadron over to your house to make sure that you do. Just ignore them and play the game, and everything will be fine.
  7. The Dark Knight is overrated. I'm gonna be the odd one out and go with Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.
  8. But still... George Lucas is Star Wars, and vice versa. That's like if you went to a board dedicated to Steven Spielberg and didn't like E.T. or something. Well, I like Spielberg and hate E.T... but it applies even more to Lucas!
  9. How could you go to a place like this and not like Star Wars?
  10. EarthBound, duh. It's the best game on the planet. Right after Mother.
  11. Granted, but those whose minds you read can read what you think of what they're thinking. I wish that previous statement made more sense.
  12. Whoa, cool Pokémon sprite thing.


    At least it looks like a modified Pokémon sprite...

  13. I'd agree, except for the lack of variety in the original. I do love the style the original was done in more than the others (with the dolls and the colorful light-hearted theme and all).
  14. ^ Yo, I got this new dance for y'all called da Soulja Boy!
  15. ^ Every time I glance at that I think it's Sagat for some reason.
  16. I'm from Virginia, USA, and I've lived here in Sterling of Loudoun County all my life (between three different houses however). We're apparently the richest county in America. My ancestors come from many European countries, namely Germany and Lithuania.
  17. I hate this day. Where did it even come from?
  18. I have it, played it a bit, and just didn't have fun. I know a lot of work was put into the game, and understand the large fanbase, but I don't really understand why it's like the most popular Star Wars thing to date. When I said this whole place, I meant LucasForums as a whole because they seem to talk about KotOR modding and stuff more than anything. I just click New Posts to find out what's up and this thread title made me laugh. I'm not bashing it, I just don't get the huge deal over it. Okay Inyri, so what exactly was YOUR post?
  19. I never played through it and don't intend to. Just didn't appeal to me, and seeing how this whole place is basically a KotOR forum, I know everybody hates me now.
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