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  1. Thought I'd do a few of the games in the Penguin Modern Classics style, which is a little bit different to the Classic style. I may have a go at EMI, Full Throttle and DOTT at some later date.
  2. I enjoyed Utopia and The Sound of Drums, but some of the finale was just too much I think. The whole 'deus-ex-machina' ending to the piece with the Doctor doing a 'Peter Pan'-type moment of everyone saying his name and he regenerated back to his usual self was a bit...cliche. Loved the real identity of the spheres though, thankfully not redesigned Daleks or anything else. However the ending was brilliant to this episode, Martha's leaving a bit unexpected but with promise of return, as was the Master's demise and also promise of return. I think this was a better finale than last years, which merely fed off the hype of the two series' 'biggest baddies' going head to head. Overall, a slightly disappointing conclusion, but I will be tuning in come Christmas.
  3. I certainly noticed a Leone reference with the lockets used by the voodoo woman and Davy Jones, especially in the third film where hers had stopped playing and his started just as it had finished- probably direct reference to 'For A Few Dollars More' At World's End was a good film, much better than Dead Man's Chest but like DMC lacked something that made The Curse of the Black Pearl great.
  4. I would love a re-release of the game with a new cover with definitely most of the above -Cast Poster -Original Soundtrack -A book containing production diaries and concept art, with game guide -A GF Coffee Mug Personally, though this would probably be way too much- replica costumes and props of the characters such as Manny's suit, scythe, etc, etc.
  5. The song and the style fit Grim Fandango perfectly, it really is as stewlil said 'made for the game'. I would also be interested in listening to their other songs.
  6. I think the movie maybe a way of putting an end to the series, I mean it has had a good 20 years or so of running episodes and hasn't needed a film to promote the cartoon. The movie is either being made because the Simpsons team 'can' make the film in terms of money or want to end the series. Of course it could go on after the movie but from the standard of recent episodes it won't be as funny as it was.
  7. It has been 9 years since the release of Grim Fandango, stating the obvious I know; but its interesting to think that such a community as this has lasted the best part of 9 years despite any hope of a revival in the form of a sequel or such. So the question I ask is how has Grim Fandango 'struck' out at you and made you continue playing/discussing this game for the last 9 years, or perhaps sooner if you're a new fan to the game?
  8. Hmmm...I think I used a walkthrough for the Petrified Forest Part with the Marrow Tree and some of the Rubacava level. It was similar to CMI and yet harder due to the lack of point-n-click and also there were no titles at the bottom telling you what was what.
  9. I ban you for caring about post counts
  10. I laughed when Manny was talking to Membrillo and there was some mention of a 'belt-buckle with someone name on it' and Manny laughs and say 'who would wear a belt-buckle with their name on it-" and of course looks down and Membrillo is wearing one.
  11. There's a story error at the very beginning of the game, not really a technical glitch, after Manny sends Celso off he goes back u to his office; there Eva tell him that Don Copal wants to talk to Manny after he gets back from his trip. Yet from that point onward Eva thinks that Don is in his office, creating this error. It's obvious, but in terms of story I suppose its relevant.
  12. I ban you for using abbreviations for simple words
  13. Answer: SS Lamancha Question: On what side of his skull does Hector Lemans wear his fez?
  14. I personally do not believe in an afterlife, I also do not think that Corpse Bride is a good reference to the afterlife; I think if you want such examples then Grim Fandango is probably one of the best. The game of course has artistic license, some aspects it draws from cultures, films and certain types of art but it also deals with the finer points of death; immortality in the world and also more frightening is the idea of Death-Within-Death, and also a twist in the representation of certain objects in life; 'Flowers being a symbol of pain- of death within death'. Also the game deals with what 'we' have done in life to earn reward in 'heaven' for example Meche being able to go to the Ninth Underworld; it also offers chance for redemption in the afterlife seeing as the Land of the Dead is but purgatory. Where characters like Hector wish only to take an easy way, others either give up on heaven or try to pursue it the hard way. You notice those who finally get to the Ninth Underworld have been through some hardship; Chepito walking under the sea but perhaps with the exception of Bruno. GF portrays death in this concept, or more the afterlife. It is just one opinion; but I prefer it to ideas of either brimstone or fluffy-white clouds that other fictions suggest on death and beyond.
  15. I like the puzzles which require an item you may have picked up earlier and didn't think was very useful and then when you come to the problem you realise that you need that inventory item. Yet like most I hate it when you come to a puzzle that takes ages to solve, where you are stuck for hours; prime example is in Escape from Monkey Island where you have to solve the file-check system in that house of prosthetics, pulling my hair our literally on that one.
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