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  1. Hey, do you know if it's possible to disable dynamic shadows on the xbox version of KOTOR? I don't care for them as much and I would rather divert resources from rendering shadows to possibly rendering at 720p or 1080i.

  2. Do you have the location(s) of the texture files for Scholar Ling? I can't find them.

  3. I'd like to ask a favor, Your mod site is down, so could you please send me the mod were Bastila is completely transformed into Selene. It seems that I accidentally downloaded the wrong one.

  4. Hey, I love your Selene mod!

  5. As the mother of a 9 year old son who DOES have to wear a uniform to school everyday when school is in session, I can honestly say that I hate them... BUT! I can also totally understand why uniforms are a regulation in the school system where my son goes to school. Some of these kids around where we live would look even worse than they do if allowed to wear their own clothing. Uniforms are ugly, uninspired and don't let my son "be himself" fashion-wise, but I'd much rather him have to wear them like the other kids just for the simple fact that I would hate to see how the kids around here would dress if left to their own devices. I'd much rather my son be able to wear bluejeans and a tee-shirt to school, but not everyone would have their child dressed as well as mine is (or would be), so even though I can't stand uniforms, I can understand why they are a school system rule around here... And as to the myth that "uniforms let the children dress alike so that noone is seen differently"... well, as I wrote, it's a myth. *shrug* Even having to wear uniforms the kids around here make "fashion statements" by wearing "mall clothes" as opposed to uniforms sold at Wal-Mart or other stores. Plus, what the kids around here can't "get away with" by wearing uniforms, they more than make up for by having their parents by them outrageously expensive (and ugly) school accessories: like backpacks, purses, wallets, bookbags, hair accessories, notebooks, folders, etc... so even wearing uniforms, some kids are still singled out as "being different" so what's the point? Eh, I guess I am just ambivalent towards uniforms so I voted DON'T CARE *shrug*
  6. QFE! Yeah, another smoker here, adding my two cents... So, I smoke. Am I proud of it? No, absolutely not. I wish I could stop anytime I wanted to, but I've tried and it is a very hard habit to break, believe me! I can only wish that I had never started in the first place, and try my best to keep my habit to under a pack a day, when possible. Do I mind a smoking ban? Yes, in a way I do. But, if it is the law then I will smoke my cigarettes outside if I can't smoke wherever I am. Fortunately, this is England we're speaking of here. And also, here in the state I live (Alabama) there hasn't been a statewide smoking ban introduced (yet) as there has been in the surrounding states (Florida and Louisiana) but I doubt it will remain that way for long. Like I wrote, though--if it's the law, I'll smoke in whatever designated area I am forced to because this is, after all, MY habit, noone else's, and I wouldn't dare dream of smoking around our son or in any non-smoker's face. But--with all due respect to non-smokers--it is very easy to pass judgement on smokers if you, in fact, don't smoke yourself. You don't know what it's like, wanting to quit a habit that you know is bad for you, but is so hard to give up. But, the fact remains that I don't like being told by anyone, especially the government, that smoking is bad for me. I know that, thank you very much. But, forcing me to smoke in a designated area, or not smoke in a public place at all is NOT going to make me quit my habit. If I could quit that easily I would have done so a long time ago. I completely understand a smoking ban from a non-smoker's POV. I didn't always smoke and I can remember when my dad smoked and the smoke went into my face, so I know what it is like and I would never do that to someone else intentionally. So I can understand a smoking ban from a non-smoker's POV. BUT! When the government starts regulating something like smoking for citizens, then where does it ever end? Now it's smoking, but what's next? Eh, as long as I can still smoke in my own home (away from our son), on my own property, and in my own car, then everything is okay, but what if the government takes that away as well? So, I'll ask again... what's next?
  7. I absolutely and wholeheartedly agree with this. I've debated, ranted, discussed and argued this topic until I am sickened by the whole thing, really. The honest truth is that no matter what reason someone else gives me for their own personal choice, and no reason that any Lucas employee can give me, or whatever else is written, said, or otherwise, Revan and Exile will always be LSF for me, and there's nothing whatsoever at all that will change my mind. That's not to say that anyone else is wrong in their personal gender choice for Revan or Exile, just that my choice is, was, and always will be LSF for both. There's no argument at all for me. That's just the way I perceive both Revan and Exile, and as long as I am able to character create the both of them, that is how they will always be for me. No matter what the so called "canon" of Revan or Exile is, as long as the game(s) have a character creation then it is entirely your choice, and mine, as to whether Revan or Exile are male/female/LS/DS/gizka or otherwise, so this whole argument is more for arguments sake than anything really because no one person here is ever going to agree with me on how precisely I perceive either Revan or Exile. And truthfully, I don't want anyone to agree with me! They're my characters, so my perception of them is mine alone. But, I do reserve the right to perceive Revan and exile anyway I see fit. No one should ever tell me (or anyone) why my choice is wrong. My choice is no more wrong than anyone else's because it is MY choice, just as your choice is YOURS.
  8. Quite true, but it should be known that an XBox and XBox 360 can play DVDs, store music, play your stored music during certain games, and can be used to surf the internet. So I wouldn't exactly say that all you can do with consoles is play games, when in fact you can do more with them. Don't get me wrong, I love my PC! But I have never been, nor will I ever be (or even consider myself) a PC Gamer like some of you do because I like console gaming more. It's just a personal choice.
  9. You know, I've seen others on the different forums I visit say pretty much this exact same phrase when asked why they don't console game, and it makes me curious... Why exactly do some people feel that a console is such an exorbitant purchase, price-wise, when a PC costs just as much, if not more than a console does? Is it because a console is smaller, therefore you don't feel as if you've spent the money wisely, or what? Considering that with every new year, and every new game that comes out for the PC within a given year, a PC gamer will more than likely have to do a system upgrade at some point just to be a able to run some games with higher system specs--and also considering that a console game is not going to require anything new added to it (you just pop a game in and play), then how can anyone complain that a console is too much to pay for? For instance: in 2003 we bought our XBox right after they came out on the market. We paid close to $350 for it and two games, one of which was KotOR. We still have this same XBox and our original KotOR XBox game, which are still in fine shape (because we take care of our major purchases, but that's a whole other subject). Anyway, we played KotOR on our XBox for close to 7 months with no problems whatsoever before we (hubby and I) finally did as I'm sure everyone does: we got bored with the game and put it away. Then, KotOR II came out and we got that for our XBox. Now, I won't lie and say that we had as much fun playing KotOR II as we did KotOR, but we still played that game to death. But, due to the fact that KotOR II's ending really annoyed us, I got on the Obsidian and Bioware boards to see if we had maybe missed something somewhere and the ending we were getting was wrong (later learned that the game was supposed to end like that, but let's not get into that subject, m'kay? ) Anyway, one day, I followed a link on Obsidian's boards here to Lucas Forums, and saw that---OMG! You guys were modding KotOR and KotOR II! Needless to say, but I just had to get both games for the PC to mod! Only problem was, the PC we had at the time didn't near about meet the required or recommended specs for either game and I was left with two PC games I couldn't even run. But then our old PC finally died a horrendous death and we had to get a brand new one--not for the games, mind you, but because our old PC went caput. So, there I was with a brand new PC, and you know what? I still couldn't even run the games! Our graphics card, which came with our new computer, wasn't compatible. We had to go out and buy a new graphics card, plus a memory stick to up our physical memory so that my character wasn't continuously "skiing" everywhere in the game (I still have problems with Revan and Exile going "skiing" everywhere, but it still isn't as bad as it was!) My point with this long rambling post is that while we were playing KotOR and KotOR II on our XBox, we enjoyed the games and had no trouble running either. It wasn't until I wanted to mod the games on the PC versions that I had to fork over extra money. So, in the long run, I think our XBox purchase, while expensive at the time, was well worth the money we invested in it (and that is really how you should look at a console purchase. It's an investment--or at least it is to me), so I still can't see why anyone would complain that a console costs too much when it was the PC that actually cost more for us to be able to run the games. (Yes, yes, I know... the graphics are way better on the PC, blah blah blah, etc... etc... etc... BUT! I still have trouble running both games on the PC as they were meant to be run. I had to spend extra money to upgrade our PC just so that it would run the games as well as it does now, which still isn't wonderful...)
  10. Well, since I own consoles and play console games, it wouldn't take too much to sway me because I am one of the rare few who actually enjoys console gaming better than PC gaming. (Yeah, you heard me! ) I play console games to play the game. I play PC games to play around with the game. Get the difference? When I play a game on the PC, I am too busy trying to figure out how to mod something, or what not. When I play on our XBox or XBox 360, I play the game and nothing else. And more times than not, I will actually play a game more or even finish a game more times if I play on a console since I am not trying to figure out how to change things, like I do on our PC. So, in summary, while I do enjoy games on the PC, I actually prefer gaming on our XBox (360) more... but I am sure I am in the minority (wouldn't be the first time )
  11. Believe me, I would if I could. I may be the only one who has tried redoing Disciple at all (AFAIK). Try my new Disciple mod. He isn't quite the same as you're asking for but he is better than the original.
  12. See, this is where I disagree with pretty much everything that has been said in this thread. The person I played, albeit from my own perspective, is a totally different person. The Revan I play, from my own POV, is more like the Revan that was, before she fell to the darkside, but also a merged sort of person with who the Jedi programmed her to be as well. So, by my interpretation, the Revan I play is a completely new person. And I can't blame her for what she did as Darth Revan because that was a totally different person altogether. Yes, she finally got her memories of Darth Revan back (K2), but she also retains her memories of who she is as a new persona, who is a lightsider, so in essence, my Revan is a whole new person. She's old Revan, but she is also new Revan, with new Revan's memories of what she became after the Jedi reprogrammed her--stopping the Star Forge, Malak and the Sith... She can't claim to be Darth Revan anymore, nor can she claim to be new Revan either. She's someone completely different than either of them. She's more than she was as Darth Revan, or as <FullName>, so in my eyes, she is someone completely new, who can not be held accountable for something that someone else did. It wasn't her. She feels remorse for her "other" self doing all of those things, but she shouldn't be executed for them because it really was someone else that did that.
  13. But, would the old personality of Revan even be the same as it once was due to having a new personality programmed in? Once Revan was attacked by Malak, then in turn given a new personality by the Jedi, the "old" Revan is not even the same anymore. The new personality would have to have some influence on the old Revan buried in the psyche somewhere. It's like merging two totally unique people and expecting one personality to still be the dominate mind of the new person you'd get from the merging. I doubt new Revan could even ever be the same person that old Revan was anyway... Also, you're just assuming that new Revan would simply pick up where old Revan left off. New Revan is a whole new person by all accounts, so to assume that new Revan and old Revan are still one in the same is a big misconception. Old Revan is still in new Revan somewhere, yes, but new Revan is a whole new personality who would have some say so about his/her actions, whether old Revan is ever remembered entirely or not. That's why I completely disagree with any form of execution. You'd be killing a completely different person than the one you'd want executed in the first place. Revan, to me, is like a person who suffers from multiple personalities--in this case two different personalities: Revan 1 (old Revan) and Revan 2 (new Revan). Let's say, for simplicity's sake, Revan 1 commits murder for whatever reasons. Should Revan 2 be held responsible and be sentenced to death for the murder Revan 1 committed?
  14. Oh, okay... So when I see someone on NWVault b*tching about a mod putting something into their Override folder, this is why... I was thinking they were being very critical, but now I get it. Actually, I want to change my PCs head texture and can't for the life of me figure out how to do it. I am using one of the basic game heads, but on the head her eyes appear very dark, almost black, and I wanted to change that, maybe give her eyes that can actually be seen--as something other than black eyes, I mean. I've followed at least three tutorials on how to do this--customize a head--but nothing I've tried has worked at all. I make a new game and there's no new head, changed head, or anything... Okay. I just didn't want to be wasting space for a game no one else seems to be interested in.
  15. Wow! I would have figured with all of the seasoned modders here that surely someone would know how to mod NWN... Oh well... Could a mod shut this thread down since I seem to be the only one interested? Thanks!
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