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  1. No, because the campaign mode is not included with the BBO.
  2. Why use Fileplanet when you can use Filefront? (faster lines) http://www.swbffiles.com/file/Star_Wars_Battlefront_II_v11_Dedicated_Server;56946 I'm not sure if you are talking about the BBO Server Manager or the BFII patch, so if you want NO lines at all you can get the Patch here: http://support.lucasarts.com/patches/Battlefront2.htm or the Server manager (by BBO) here: http://www.blackbagops.com/swbf2/index.shtml
  3. I host my own servers, so I dont ever have that problem Even though my servers suck
  4. I thought that only happened if the Host of a non-dedicated server doesn't click done
  5. When this happened to me on SWBF1 I just pushed ESC and it worked like the Done button, yet i haven't had this happen to me on SWBF2
  6. I know, Really... No one even reads it
  7. Oh Ok, I thought that was Directed towards me.
  8. I wasn't telling him the maps... I was just Giving the EXACT Readme for SWBF Patch 1.3 BETA
  9. Ok, You set the ADMIN PASSWORD on BBO and While you are Playing type: /admin /login ADMINPASSWORD Then you can Use any of the Commands in the SWBF 1.3 BETA Readme:
  10. I have Decided to Combine all the Important Information of this Forum into one Thread, If you notice something that seems like it might be important Feel Free to tell me. Server Commands: - Kurgan's Command List - Chris-h11's Command List Server Creators: - Zerted's Batch File Generator - Download - Chris-h11's Server Code Generator - Dedicated Server Files - Download PC Version ; Download PS2 Version Server Batch File Templates: - Dedicated Server Template - Non-Dedicated Server Template Downloading: To Download the Batch Files or any "Download" Text, Right Click and Select "Save Target (Link) As"
  11. I also have ONE thing that i REALLY HATE about swbf2sm.exe and it's that there is no "Randomize" for Maps.
  12. I liked the Gradient of that Black and Greyish Color Way better than the Blue they are using now.
  13. I know, I know, I was going to post the Commands after. I just was busy. Here is a couple things of the top of my head: But you did reallly help me to Understand the Sim Rate. I don't exactly understand Voicemode but I know the Definition at least.
  14. In-game Admin, you mean like "/admin /login [your password]?
  15. If it's a .bat File that you're hosting your server on then take out the whole "/lan"
  16. No, Please NO! I love those Places!
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