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  1. I hope some developer reads this - anyway botrouting on linux dedicated server leaks memory like a sieve - would be good if someone from Raven fixed that...
  2. REALLY? But who was co-lead (as far as I remember) and one of main coders? Renegade was. And who was the animator guy? Keshire. Of course what they did then was for OJP, since MB didnt exist that time.
  3. Yes, I know what this forum is about. But as MB developer I feel offended by pathetic lies like the one I quoted. BTW, why do you put MB competing against OJP...? Those two have different goals and shouldn't be compared in any mather. Not to mention many MB team members were OJP contributors aswell and other way round.
  4. You're a fool Chosen and you always will be one. But please don't infect another forum with your pathetic flame threads.
  5. Heh, maybe I could help you a bit (maybe some port of MB code?) if I find some free time from coding for MB and for TNE... PM me if you got any ideas
  6. I'm fairly positive that this line 'eyesBolt = trap_G2API_AddBolt(cent->ghoul2, 0, "*head_eyes");' or something within it's function causes it...(can't give you exact line since I'm using different code than you are but it starts with '//Restrict True View Model changes to the player and do the True View camera view work.' in cg_players.c) I tried commenting out this code and it fixed the issue (although there were two models rendered and general bugginess).
  7. Yea, actually I figured out it is. Anyway if anyone's willing to fix it, do it
  8. I tried compiling MovieBattles' source under VS2005 - it all went good and ok but ingame it apeared that Express is causing some problems - first one I noticed is lag of 3rd person camera (which wasn't there compiling same code with VS2003), second cgame not displaying all messages (kill messages and all the others) from time to time - you killed someone and no message in console nor on your central screen apeared.
  9. There is a problem using TrueView with scaled models - the crosshair is way off if you're using TV. This happened to me with MB's scaled models (wooks and sbds) and I couldn't find a real fix for it... Anyway code creating problems is in cg_players.c where eyeBolts for TV are set(~12000 line).
  10. You could send it to me since I have to access to few ftp and http servers... But ofcourse I can't give you passes to it so please send it to my email - emiel_regis@o2.pl
  11. Any news on posting the fix here? I would be grateful.
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