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  1. Jedi Knight seemed at least as good as Outcast to me...
  2. I can tell. I'm not cheating. Just write a function that uses a rand num gen and takes into account bot skill to determine wheter the move should be done or not.
  3. *sigh* OK, replace every isntance of WIP in my post to sabersys then. There, fixed. Now, back to my question ... Basic has bugfixes, ok good, did you consider the saber collision as it was originally to be a bug, and fix it? I also noticed I had missed out on the Basic and Enhanced descriptions on the website because I wasn't using Internet Explorer. Maybe a nice link to the descriptions as well as the mouseover would be helpful for us non-IE users.
  4. Preferred stance definately. One thing I know I do, which might be something you could program into the bot, is when the opponents health is low (I know this from how many times I've hit him and what noise he makes when I do) I will switch to the light stance if i have high health, and just try to end it as quickly as possible, knowing that one of the flurry of blue strikes will kill him.
  5. I'm a bit out of the loop -- the last time I was here I was complaining that we needed something just like OJP, and razorace was working on MotF and saying he might like to redo a lot of the saber collision stuff one day. I want to do a mod as a summer project to advance my OpenGL skills, and would like to use the fixes to the basic saber system along with the RGB sabers and stuff that OJP Basic already has -- but the problem is I'm confused as to what Basic actually does. Am I correct in saying that sabersys is in both basic and enhanced, but is not turned on by default and has to be activated? I looked in the OJP_sabersys file and it lists everything under "Enhanced" headings, so that confused me a bit. Also, are there any of the saber trace 'inadequacies' fixed in Basic without sabersys? I'm talking about the saber collision and saber length stuff. To me, the docs are really confusing. Maybe its just me. :/ But hey, you know what they say about good coders and documentation
  6. pcgamemods.com refusing connection. I don't know if they are just overloaded for some reason or if there is something actually broken -- just thought I'd mention it.
  7. Most likely the servers you are having problems with are ones hosted off of residential connections, not servers that are actually on real lines. These would be run by people that just dont know that their 1337 DSL cant handle more than X number of people.
  8. I think a post earlier on showed what they mean -- the kick allowed someone ahead of the FC to kick him down so that he could be killed, or knocked directly off a ledge. The person was comparing kicking with saber staff kicking, and how the saber staff kicking would be ineffectual in the same situation. The post is in here somewhere.
  9. Well, Anakin has to win in Ep3 SOMEHOW....
  10. Well I wouldn't go that far. But it does suck. I mean, what the hell good is copy protection anyway? It doesn't actually stop people from copying the CD's. It just makes things a pain in the ass for others.
  11. Yeah, I'm not sure what Raven was thinking not doing it this way. Other than maybe they wanted to force some kind of uniformity between servers.
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