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  1. Just a fun thingy, put yavin 1 flag CTF in clone wars, then go to the CTF rules panel and make the AI 32 and the flags required to win 15. Then go to hero rules and put the hero on timer: 1 sec (do not put on 'always') and time until hero is available again:0. Then tell us how many kills you made (screenies if you can). Also it is recommended to put the difficulty on elite or the game will end too fast.
  2. Once I jumped in between those 2 spinny thingies in Tantive IV and it stuck me in the floor..
  3. (You miscounted. There are 3 on these forums.) Name: Admiral A-24 (aka 'Clem') Age: 28 Gender: Male Side: Empire Weapons: Imperial Commander war armor, fast-rounds flichion blaster, Imperial detonators, magnetic radio-impulse transmitters, beam sword. Background: Used to be an Imperial Commander during the battle against the rebels. After the fall of the Empire, Clem returned to his homecity on Corellia unemployed. His home city was a trade center of sorts and made its economy flourish through the merchant ships trading thousands of goods all over the galaxy. Much of Corellia was envious of the rapid success of the city, and as soon as soon as the Empire fell it was engulfed in chaos. The Corellian governments were quick to find treaties now invalid because of the Emperor's death and the lack of soldiers and guards made it into a war zone for rioting. Factories and rich establishments were raided and many were killed, including several friends and relatives of Clem. Clem moved to another part of Corellia and was often seen in pubs and so on. As soon as he heard the news of a "rebellion against the rebellion", he tracked the group down and was quick to join the new empire.
  4. (AAAAAAAAAAAAA I'm sorry I've been way too busy to post lately, I've been trying to make time but it's I never seem to remember about it. I think it's best to leave this thread alone for now, I'll revive it when I'm active on here again.)
  5. what's your difficulty setting? I beat Hoth Campaign on normal mode the first time i tried, but when I did it on hard mode, oh man. After like, my tenth try, I could only beat it by using Darth Vader's force choke on a nearby Bothan and sticking him above the homing beacon as a shield. I would have trouble believing the best SW gamer in the world would concider Hoth on Elite easy.
  6. (uhhhh) Mid's eyes darted around for signs for a hint of a lightsaber glow, the sun was on the other side of the planet making one easy to spot. Suddenly, over the mountain range to the east, a lightning bolt struck, which suprized Mid for he had not sensed such energy. He turned his corefighter and pulled up above a forest to head to the spot where he saw it strike. There were no clouds and Mid's communications systems were down, meaning there was heavy magnetic impulse on this planet. Obviously, the lightning had been created by something on the ground. As soon as he flew over the forest he saw the flash of connecting lightsabers. One of them was purple and the other red, so Mid instantly knew it was Phinius and Zion at a brawl once more...but when he flew closer it was not Zion who Phinius fought, and another Sith was there as well. Though Phinius could probably take on both sith lords (unless of coarse they were as powerful as Zion), but Mid didn't want to risk it. His corefighter stopped in the air instantly above a tall hill of stone-directly above Phinius and his target. He would see how well he fought against his first Sith.
  7. Qui Gon, as I've said a billion times in other threads. However, it does seem as though the Heros outweigh the Villans, so I'd like to see Zam Wesell as the only female villan.
  8. ...I can't leave this topic for 8 days, without you guys adding two hundred more posts. Dwarf Spiders, Yoda's homeworld blada yada...
  9. (I'm really sorry I've been unable to access this site until I fixed my network settings) ((Emansive confusion!!!! What planet are you guys on and why?? Tell you what, let's say you guys are on Ossus. With the Elder stuff and rocky climate, it would fit in well.)) (Since I havn't been on in a while Ima gonna start back where I left off and double post a little to catch up.) Mid swerved his corefighter over Ossus, firing at the RIG fighters attempting to land, but trying to avoid shooting at skull fighters in case of counterfire. As he guarded the earth from immigration, he also seached for other Jedi who had already landed on the planet. As he pulled up above a cliff, he saw a faint figure among the uneven surface. Just as he flew close enough to see what it was, he was blinded by a searing light and lost control of his corefighter.
  10. Wow, I totally forgot about this site for two weeks. Ok first of all, bear in mind that the next generation of consoles is at hand. If lucasarts waits long enough, this game is going to be a LOT more than an expansion. I think that the difference between a good map that should be included in the battlefronts and a "hard core only" map is whether or not they can worm in a plot behind the reason of the map. Rhen Var(?) had the whole "defend our sensors from the rebel attack" and "stop them we will, and take this station for our own use". If you can take a hard core map and stick it in the storyline so that it would seem like a major battle of that era, it might just be welcomed by a movie-to-game ranter.
  11. (yes, Rures is an extremely powerful Sith lord but the rebellion doesn't know that he has that much power) The ship have an unexpected jolt as it broke in half from chemical defusion. All of the Jedi were thrown off balance, giving the que to leave. Mid finished off the last of the Imperials and beckoned Zaran to follow him to the first hangar. He retraced his steps back to his green-trimmed corefighter and Zaran used the force to unhinge a blue-trimmed one from two other corefighters. Master Kantei and his Padawan were both concious and already loading up injured but living jedi into each of their gunships. Mid and Zaran then flared up their corefighters and flew around to the other end of the ship, and waited for the exit of Phinius and Scur.
  12. (you might want to skim through the prequel Niaj Qad Keep. also note that the rebellion can't be tracked when moving to naboo) Mid was unsure of whether to aid Phinius or not. He knew he shouldn't interfere with their "one-on-one" battle, but Mid had seen Zion kill jedi before. If Phinius let his guard down...he would be dead in an instant. However, seeing civic imps walk through the corridor narrowed Mid's ability to help Phinius. Mid was also interrested in seeing if the Imperials concidered a Sith Lord friend or foe. Their orders came from the same source, but Mid doubted that Rures would metion the his little Sith group just yet. When the imps came close enough, Mid jumped forward with his saber in form-four position, then landed it on one of the troops. He began to cut them down from the center of the group, hoping he would draw fire away from Phinius.
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