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  1. did you even read it? or look at the screenies below? it just looks like Kotor 2 to me but with better graphics, but it's definatly early days.
  2. http://www.eurogamer.net/article.php?article_id=92630 Take a look
  3. I really have no care for this game anymore so I'd move on to the Bioware MMO
  4. I've seen those guys ride around on Ahazi before, they don't understand a word of english... chinese farmers maybe?
  5. wow, they bring back memories
  6. well, how many times have i seen this thread... too many times, but anyway, scorch ofc
  7. yeah, I wouldn't mind it running on DX10
  8. yep, cant wait for chapter 7. Aurillia!
  9. ooooooh sexy! adding it now
  10. *COUGH* expertise *COUGH* damn its dusty in here
  11. Europe-Infinity but soon to be moving to Chimaera
  12. i thought it was 205987234976956709327592670296798523987523097 times? hmm
  13. all i have to say about this swg2 crap is..... SWGEMU FTW
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