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  1. right now iam in a ep3 TC with DT, the clone weapons will be in the TC. so no worries. its all gana be ok, wana get updated aboud this. then check the forums. http://z10.invisionfree.com/Star_Wars_Ep3_JA_Mod/index.php?act=idx Rob
  2. pleas i beg. releas this! we need. i need a pod walker, rawr, iam praying that this project is not death!
  3. when is this vehicle gana be released? darn i cant wait
  4. well parts of it yes. but il releas the DC-15b soon
  5. well i special made it like SWBF2 couse there are to peapol that want a SWBF2 interior. and a acclamator interior of RC is not as the of the venator.
  6. this is a abandoned place at yavin on the planet while the fleet is above the planet. you will be able to travel from the hanger to here in the shuttle. thanx to mace i could post these pictures. he helped me realy good in lightning. thanx man. and to all thanx to maxloef fore the help with the hull.
  7. this map rocks man. great work!
  8. mini. i want to talk to you aboud this. MSN: robert-popijus@hotmail.com contact me on that adress
  9. hi all. iam back in the mapping better than ever. currently iam working on the BoC map with maxloef. but in that time iam making a duel map to of the RAS hanger at real scale. some several parts wil be included in the complete BoC map to. (these are radiant shots and stil beta)
  10. well. we got the DC-15a non-skinned.
  11. yes we dont got eny further, couse we are waiting fore hapslash fore making the uvw-map of the dc-15b. i already started skinning on the DC-15a, and yes.. we where a little in a coma by the way. revan and 501st trooper (warfang), you guys are getting realy off-topic!
  12. w00t dudes :S ARGH. bah, GRRR, AIM GOING WILD!! KILL ALL!! KILL ALL who lames me on a topic lol just kidding
  13. well. its not a ingame pic. i just made a example
  14. hey all. i just finished the DC-15b with maurox. give me your opinion:
  15. well it was suposed to be a original movie neyo model with this skin. so i mean that it has to look like a real armor, no cartoon and i dont want the bother you. so take your time
  16. how is this 1 going omee? ^ | | | |
  17. this is DEATHLY off-topic war. if you need to ask me something then do that on my privadmassage of lucasforums. pleas dont post it on some forum. tanks
  18. hey all, new update: EXPLOSIVE CHARGES !!!! Ok, so screens of Detpacks: Mines: and EMP Grenades: Detpacks: and Belt of TDetonators (models made by maurox)
  19. well. as you already know we are gana make new weaponslots. so the DC-15b wil probaly get the e-11 effect. its better couse in bf2 its a pistol but original its a rifle
  20. i think his name was henry and he made the darkforce mod to that was just new on jk3 files
  21. well... tesla is working on them now. its in progress atm. its far from done and the progress is getting slow. i found a coder. he only needs some info to help us.
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