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  1. If you're a modder, you can make new GC maps. I just have no idea how to do it tbh... And, just look around, you're bound to find other GC maps people have made.
  2. I played GC, became the ZC... the empire built both.... We had a huge battle (At least over 50 cap ships alone) And I won.... My one ship that shoots the HUGE shot beat the crap outa the exacuter and when the DSII kept destroying my caps I just brought in more, but tbh, my fighters did alot of work aswell... tbh, if anyone is over powered, it's the ZC but I still had fun.
  3. I just got FoC a few days ago, and I have the same problem, so instead of starting a new thread, I'll post this here. Did anyone fix this yet? Or am I utterly screwed...?
  4. The bottom of page one, you can see the eclipse being built in the background, Looks cool to me.
  5. The one to the right looks like a AT-AT barge to me.
  6. GhOsT-Jedi


    Unit, the SSD... hero, yoda all the way, that force frenzy looks hawt.
  7. Too be honest, I hate "balance" I would rather have the rebels WORK for it, than have a single unit be able to "counter" it...
  8. There are some mods that give you almost all the units ingame, there are also some that let you play as the empire, the game is made fun, and I suggest you buy it, but it's all up to you. Hmm, there are about 3 areas in game where you can fight, but with some mods, you get more. HAVE FUN!
  9. I'm sorry, but did you just call the Super Star Destroyer WEAK!? I've only watched movies, but I believe it's not considered weak from what I hear other people talking about it...
  10. I think that ALL factions should be able to, but the catch is, they should be able to "IF" they have no cap ships.
  11. Well, look how the menu of EAW looks. All they have to do is some how put it where you look through that in cinamatic view, or instead of just random flying around, it does really follow a fighter, but ya, that would most likely have to wait. But flying around with just the cockpit view when you're in the cinamatic view would be cool.
  12. I havn't seen a thread/post about this so I guess I'll be the first to ask it, Does anyone know when it will come out, "and" "or"if it will? Cause I don't know about you, but I can't wait for a demo, and all you modders get to work on it so we can try out that SSD
  13. When I was watching the videos, I noticed that the SSD(Exacuter) gets taken down very fast. Is this just for those demos? Or are you doing this to balance it out? And, a question about the Eclipse. Can other ships attack it? All the videos I've seen it in, just don't seem to want to attack it, is it because they can't? Or just choose not too?
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