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  1. I sent my edits. Hope they work out.

  2. I haven't had a chance to read it completely but I will look at it.

  3. I got it and I am looking at it. I'm on my last two classes for my MA program and I am looking at what to do for my thesis. Busy days ahead of us.

  4. I know how that works. Work on it when you can. But I am excited about what you have planned.

  5. So what do you have planned for Belina ;)

  6. Sounds like more of a teaser for more of this verse being created. Hey, question: Would you mind if I posted The Wedding of the Jedi on fanfiction.net? I'll make sure to give credit. Unless you want to do it?

  7. Cool. I hope you finish the last bit of the piece or you could make it a standalone.

  8. I hope things are going well and you got my corrections.

  9. Okay. I am confirmed for next year's Vegas Con.

  10. I was a volunteer and got to attend for free. I just looked up the cheapest room available which was the Howard Johnson and it cost me $200 for all five nights. One of the perks was I got a free photo op for each day I worked and I just paid for the extra ones.

  11. Sorry about that. I wasn't even staying at the Rio. Couldn't afford it. Well I'm gonna shoot for next year's con. Maybe it will work out better

  12. It was at the Rio. I just finished. Tomorrow I'm heading home and back to work on Tuesday.

  13. That's good. I'll be in Vegas this weekend. And I'm not reenacting CoD Ghosts Sin City level.

  14. Hey. How are things going? Smother sailing?

  15. So I'm old now? *sigh*

    Still its a good thing huh?

  16. Hey Old Fart. Guess what? I'll be in Vegas 3/11-3/15. I'm volunteering at the Vegas Con for Supernatural. Awesomesauce.

  17. Been busy myself. Working on second master's degree in criminal justice.

  18. Place an ad and let them know that those interested should contact me. Until we find someone, I can help you out.

  19. Seems like things are picking up again. RL can be a pain but thank heavens for good distractions eh?

  20. I'd be willing to do a joint venture with someone. Maybe put an add to work on a joint venture.

  21. Don't worry about it. RL has been a pain for me so I'm just glad to say hi. ☺

  22. Hi Chev. I'm still around. It's been crazy though.

  23. I might be interesting in getting the critic's hat on. Well I do that anyway over on fanfiction.net. So yeah.

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