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  1. Ebon Hawk


    Tavaryn felt Alriana's hands press against his head. He flinched mostly from the voices when she touched him. All he was hearing in his head were the voices of pain, death and suffering. He felt her touch though and it was soothing. She was trying to help him. You shouldn't moi chroi. The babies...


    Tavaryn hated feeling like he was feeling. He felt vulnerable and one of the few times he bore resentment against his mother. He understood why she didn't teach him but it didn't mean that he had to like it. Out loud he said, "Belina... still alive but... many more are dead... dying... I can hear them."




    Jun-la went back to the cockpit after making sure Velra was secure. The child was first priority for Alriana and her own motherly instincts were on the rise to protect the child since she couldn't protect her own at the moment. At least Matton was taking care of their daughter and she knew he would lay down his life for Kaillian. At the moment she was concerned for her uncle who was in terrible pain from what he was feeling through the Force and she had a battle to fight.


    Once in the cockpit she looked at Andros and asked, "How are we on systems?"


    Andros wasted no time in relaying the information. He sensed distress too but there was nothing he could do about it now. "Everything still in the green. We just got re-enforcements from the Mandalorians and we have a few Avalonians on the way. The Lancer is here."


    "Selene would love to get in on this fight."


    "The Ackbar has to shut down. I'm detecting multiple hull fluctuations and multiple places of possible breaches."


    Jun-la studied the scene before her. They had to get the Ackbar out of there but she was wounded and wouldn't even make a jump into hyperspace. Not in the condition she was in now. The best thing... She looked and saw something that had her grin. She hit the comm, "Attention Ackbar and Death Head, this is the Ebon Hawk. We have a plan to buy the Ackbar time and we're gonna need Clan Ordo to do it."


    Good. I was hankering for a fight.


    Jun-la chuckled. She then gave some instructions in Mandalorian and received the confirmation. She then connected to Garja, "Garja, you think you got enough thruster power while the Hawk does some towing?"




    Matton was relieved to hear that his wife was all right. He heard the tone in her voice and realized that she had a plan in the works. He knew enough Mandalorian and Avalonian to know that this plan was something that would probably save the Ackbar and allow the Death's Head to focus on the enemy Sith ship. He looked at Garja, "You should listen to her. I think she had something in mind and judging from Selene's response... it's gonna more likely work in our favor."


    a/n: Sorry for the delay. Been busy and nothing had come to me.

  2. Ebon Hawk


    They picked the worst possible time to hit the fleet.


    Tavaryn could agree but his head was hurting worse. There were lots of voices and while he was good at blocking them out, he wasn't adept enough in the Force to calm it. What little he had was painfully inadequate. The last time he felt this way was when Alderaan was destroyed. He leaned against the wall and rubbed his temples trying to focus. Too many voices, he ended up projecting.




    Andros was ready to go and had the Hawk's quad lasers up and ready. They exited hyperspace and he came across three ships firing on the Death's Head and the Ackbar. He keyed in, "Ackbar this is the Ebon Hawk. We've arrived and engaging the enemy." He then keyed to the main hold, "Everyone strap yourselves in. We've got a big party going on."




    I...can sense someone's pain. So many people are hurt.


    Jun-la nodded as she placed the child into one of the seats. She replied, "With the Force, anything is possible. You can sense the future, the past, emotions..." She sensed her uncle's agitation. She looked in his direction with concern on her face.




    Beli's okay.


    Kaillian was somewhat satisfied with it as her father took her back from Tariq. She then said, "Needs to tease Tavy. Beli good fwiend."


    Matton held his daughter and said, "I guess non-essentials include us. I'll get her there and Belina, I suggest you hang in there. It's not pretty dealing with a grieving Avalonian." He looked at Tariq as he checked his datapad to see where he was to take Kaillian.


    The Lancer


    "We are coming up on the coordinates, sir."


    Selene looked out the window of the bridge or cockpit... whatever the hell it was. She watched as the familiar strobes of hyperspace receded and they came upon the two command ships of the resistance being fired upon. She saw the stock freighter known as the Ebon Hawk zooming around. She guessed that young apprentice of Jun-la's was flying since Jun-la and her uncle were more like his father; his father didn't mind flying but anything like that was suicide.


    She looked at the oncoming battle and a smile came to her lips. More Mandalorian vessels were coming and they had some leverage. She said, "Commence attack. Draw the fire away from the command ships and give them hell. For Mandalore!"


    The pilot nodded and began to maneuver while the comms officer said, "This is the Lancer. We are engaging the enemy."

  3. Ebon Hawk


    Someone's been hurt.


    Tavaryn barely heard Alriana since he was looking wildly around the medical bay. He was focusing on what he was sensing and said, "Belina..." He frowned as he sensed her injuries but he was also picking up on Kaillian's fear. "It's bad... Sith forces..." He was frowning since it like getting a headache. He rubbed his head feeling frustrated.


    In the main hold Jun-la looked around. She knew that things were precarious. She called out, "Andros, send the emergency signal. With luck a few friends will answer."


    Thought Jedi didn't believe in luck. But on it master.


    Jun-la nodded and looked at Velra, "Are you okay little one?"




    Matton pulled up the admiral and with Tariq's help managed to drag her to the medical bay. He said, "Come on Belina. I thought you were the toughest one there is."


    Kaillian was still as if she knew that by holding still she wouldn't get into trouble as Tariq was holding her. She reached out and gently poked Belina's shoulder. "Beli okay?"


    The Lancer


    "Receiving a transmission from the Ackbar, sir."


    Selene Ordo gave the order to hear it. She recognized it. She ordered, "Send reply that Clan Ordo is on its way. Also relay to any other clans that our allies need our help. Call the Avalonians too. Can't start a party without them."


    "On it."

  4. Ebon Hawk


    Tavaryn was deep in his sleep but what he was sensing was... he ended up shouting, "No!" He ended up falling as his eyes shot wide open. He looked around wildly and his breathing picked up.




    Jun-la nodded when her head shot up and she looked around. "Matton... Kaillian. Andros, what is our ETA?"


    About ten minutes and I'm going beyond max. I'll get us there.


    Jun-la looked at Velra. She rubbed her head gently to indicate that she was going to be okay.




    Matt on grabbed Kaillian and hugged her to his body while Belina shielded them both just as the bridge exploded. He was on the ground and he looked at the downed admiral. Tariq had come up and he put his daughter into the trooper's arms and hauled up the admiral saying, "You're coming too. Don't quit on me or I'll never hear the end of it."

  5. Ebon Hawk


    Jun-la nodded in an approving fashion and replied, "That is the Force. It is an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us, penetrates us, it binds the galaxy together. It is in all of us but for some it is barely a whisper. What does it sound like to you?"




    Tavaryn was in a deep sleep but it was being dotted by dreams. Something was coming and there was danger. He had always been able to sense when major things came. He started to twitch in his sleep.




    Tariq nodded and relayed the orders to the team. He looked towards both admirals just as the bridge doors opened and Matton came on with his daughter clinging to him. He asked, "Have you heard from the Hawk? Are we in danger?"


    At that moment Kaillian piped up, "Trouble Belina."

  6. Ebon Hawk


    Jun-la looked down at the little Cathar. She sensed things were not all right. This war with the Sith... She looked up to sense out her daughter. She could sense the storm Velra was talking about and looked at the child. The girl was gifted. She said, "There is a storm coming little one. It is loud even in my ears. How about you try for something a little quieter? Something smaller? "




    Tariq gave his orders for Alpha team to sweep for anything unusual. He stayed on the bridge with Belina and Garja. He said, "Alpha team is sweeping the ship. Should we do anything else?"

  7. Ebon Hawk


    You better.


    Tavaryn was already asleep when Alriana said that but he managed to shift a little bit to pull her in close. His head was propped against hers and he could breathe in the scent that was distinctive to her.




    I think...I think I can feel...something.


    Jun-la guided the little girl to one of the seats that was in the main hold. She studied her and then asked, "What do you feel?"

  8. Tavaryn smiled and shifted to make room for Alriana. His abdomen was still sore but it was better. He lifted his arm so Alriana could rest her head on his shoulder and wrapped his arm around her. He planted a kiss on her head that was chaste but full of love. He allowed it to filter through their bond. "Thank you moi chroi. And I do promise to behave." He was as good as his word and closed his eyes as he nuzzled her head.




    Jun-la smiled at Velra as she studied her. She wondered how receptive the girl would be to her methods. The best thing to do was to try. She replied, "Well what children are taught where I am from is that they have to learn to listen. The Force is all around us. We just have to learn to listen. One way is through meditation but eventually you learn what works for you. Do you understand little one?"

  9. Ebon Hawk


    Try and get some rest. According to Andros we're going to reach the Ackbar in an hour and if you don't want to end up in the Bacta tank you should get some rest.


    Tavaryn sighed and made a slight face. "Alright moi chroi." His expression then became mischievous and he added, "Care to join me? I might be lonely."




    I want to train. I want to train so my Mother and Father will be proud.


    Jun-la nodded. She had seen the shadowy figures of the girl's parents. "I will teach you little one." She put a hand to Velra's face and rubbed her head in a comforting gesture.




    Once you get back we may have to move the majority of the fleet. I have a feeling our position may be compromised. Try and get here as quickly as you can.


    "I'm pushing her to the max Admiral," Andros commented. He made an adjustment on the panel. "To buy some time you could have Admiral Garja initiate the stealth protocol I was showing him last week. It can hide the fleet's signatures."

  10. Ebon Hawk


    Tavaryn continued to caress Alriana's cheek. He loved the feel of her soft skin under his finger tips. He ended up chuckling gently since he remembered the last time he started out with a cheek caress. He couldn't help himself and chuckled some more.




    What does it mean to fall?


    Jun-la thought about what to say. She didn't want to put the child's father in a bad light. Still she couldn't lie to her either. Finally she said, "Well, remember when I said that some people who have gifts like you use them to hurt people? That is what it means to fall. The reasons are many. Most fall because they try to protect the people they love and sometimes they do it the wrong way. Your father wasn't a bad person. He just made a bad choice. Do you understand?"




    Andros. We need your help with something when you get back. We may have a security problem here.


    "Copy that," Andros replied. "Maybe I can borrow Tara for the job."

  11. Ebon Hawk


    Of course we can name one of them Aiden. "I'm sorry to hear you went through something like that though.


    Tavaryn smiled at Alriana as she held his hand. He moved his fingers to brush against hers, the tips barely stroking the skin. He replied, "It was horrible but... I guess it is what the Jedi call the will of the Force. Everything has a purpose to it. I am just glad it brought me to you." He reached up with his free hand and caressed her cheek. "I love you."




    I want to be like my father. I want to be a Jedi. What is it like to be a Jedi?


    Jun-la looked down at the little Cathar and smiled. She was young and innocent still even though she had witnessed horrible things. She replied, "Then you will be a Jedi. Being a Jedi means that you take what is given to you and use it to help others." It was a simplified version of the life and a credo that had changed over the centuries. "You will find that there are some people that have gifts like yours and use it to do bad things and some don't use it like Jedi do but they still help people."




    Andros checked the systems on the Ebon Hawk. They were making good time. They were alsmost back to the Ackbar. He relayed to the crew, "ETA to the Ackbar within an hour folks." He then cued in to the Ackbar, "Ebon Hawk to Ackbar, we'll be coming in about an hour. Make sure there is a parking spot."

  12. Ebon Hawk


    Tavaryn though about her question for a moment as he reveled in the happy feeling of being able to sense his babies. He also remembered that time with Aiden. Finally he said, "I learned how to control my breathing and I was able to divert my attention to trying help Aiden with his injuries. We were in there for hours. Aiden insisted that he was okay. He died while we were in there. A couple of hours later we were rescued by a smuggler. I was in the medbay for a couple of days and we were able to bury Aiden. While we were in there, he had me practice. It kept us sane." He paused a moment and then added, "Would it be presumptuous of me to ask that we name one of the twins Aiden?"




    Jun-la looked at the images that appeared. She looked at Velra and said, "I can teach you little one as I will my own daughter. And I think Alriana and Tavaryn would like to help with that. What do you think?"

  13. Ebon Hawk


    Tavaryn grasped Alriana's hand and held it in his large ones and looked at her, "Nothing would make me happier than to accompany you." He reached out with one of his hands after sitting up. He winced slightly since he was still sore. He still managed to sit up and he reached towards her abdomen and gently touched it. He tentatively reached out and actually picked up the tiny lives. "They are there moi chroi. I sense them."


    He took a breath and stared at Alriana's abdomen. His expression was a content smile as he sat in silence. Then he said, "His name Aiden. He was the Jedi I was to protect. We were captured and Aiden was injured trying to save me. We ended up in the tank and left to die slowly. He continued to save me by instructing me how to use the Force to control my breathing. He gave me the basis to experiment with other abilities."




    Jun-la put her hand on the little girl's shoulder. She then offered her embrace for comfort. "It is okay to cry little one. Remember the good things he did."

  14. Ebon Hawk


    Tavaryn relaxed since that helped with the healing process. He replied, "I would like you to know. I would like you to know who I was trapped with. He was the reason why I have some control over my Jedi abilities. If you are willing."


    He paused so she could think about it. He rarely spoke about his days as a Shinigami before he met her. It was only right that she know. He sighed as he felt he healing course through.


    As he relaxed he felt Alriana lean in close and heard her whisper, "Twins."


    Tavaryn turned to look at her. His eyes were wide in surprise. He thought he had a surprise when she told him she was pregnant. This was... "Twins? For certain?" He looked to her for confirmation.




    Jun-la smiled at Velra and replied, "Just put it into that slot." She pointed at the slit for the data chip.

  15. Ebon Hawk


    Tavaryn accepted the hug from Velra and already felt love for the little girl. She may not be his but... he had a soft spot for children and was always willing to give time and attention to them. He did so when he was growing up with the Shinigami. He hummed with slight smile as he watched the child but he sobered slightly when he looked at Alriana. He said, "Don't overdo it moi chroi. The baby...?" He held still and then added, "if you want to know, I will tell you about my phobia."


    In the meantime Jun-la was greeted by the little Cathar and she smiled saying, "Well it is a data chip. This one looks like it might have a personal message. Lets see if we can get it to show up." She motioned for Velra to come to the console with her.

  16. Ebon Hawk


    Tavaryn was exhausted from the day. He looked at Velra and smiled gently at her as he gently caressed her head. He would do everything he could to make sure she wouldn't be alone. He said to the little girl, "It will be okay. Go ahead and sit with Jun-la in the main hold. She will look after you."


    He turned towards Alriana and started removing his armor. He was wearing a t-shirt underneath and it was shredded where it had been punctured. He moved to lay back and sent, There is a reason why I am a pain with the tanks moi chroi. I had an unfortunate experience with one. I was buried alive in it. He looked towards her as he laid back.

  17. Ackbar


    Tariq nodded and said, "Perhaps that young Jedi. The one called Andros may be able to help when the Hawk returns." He looked at Belina and Garja.


    Ebon Hawk


    Tavaryn looked at Alriana and then downwards towards his abdomen. It was serious and more than likely he would be put in the bacta tank. He sighed at that knowing that there were some things to discuss. His expression was somber. He replied, "If you don't mind helping moi chroi. I really want to avoid the tank. Please."


    Tavaryn then turned towards Velra and said, "I can show you how it works. Let me just fix myself and I will show you a'ghra. Okay?"

  18. Ackbar


    Tariq nodded in agreement, "A reasonable request ma'am. I will have Alpha team on standby. "


    Ebon Hawk


    Tavaryn smiled weakly at Alriana and replied, "Perhaps we could take care of it before we get to the Ackbar, the better. Less chance of the viper getting her way. "


    Turning towards Velra he replied gently, his voice taking a soothing tone, "Your father told me to give it to you and to say that he loves you."

  19. Ebon Hawk


    Andros heaved a sigh and replied, "Copy that. On our way." He entered the coordinates of the Ackbar. He guided the Hawk to lightspeed.




    Tavaryn looked at Alriana and gave a slight smile. He reached out to ease himself into a sitting position on the biobed. He straightened out and looked down. There was a large hole in his powersuit and a nasty gash underneath. There was still blood leaking through. He sighed slightly and said, "And I'm full of holes."


    He shook his head and reached out to touch Alriana on her abdomen. She was fine and the baby was fine. Also what had haunted his family for so long was gone. He looked at Velra and gently touched her cheek to dry her tears. "I have something for you a'ghra," he said as he held out the data chip.

  20. Ackbar


    Tariq looked at the admiral. It sounded dire but he had always had confidence in the LT. He said, "They will make it. It's Alpha Leader and Jedi Alriana."




    Tavaryn saw Alriana's sobbing as she pulled him into her embrace. He stiffened slightly from the soreness but accepted the kiss. He returned it with one of his own on her head and whispered, "It's okay moi chroi. It will be all right."


    He looked at the Cathar child and slowly reached up and brushed her tears away gently. He nodded and said, "Your father is a good person. "


    He couldn't say anymore since his injuries were catching up to him. He winced trying not to let out a moan but it was low. He tried to reach out for the biobed to steady himself.




    Andros guided the Hawk towards the exit. He called back,"Hang on back there. You too sis."


    It was hard but he smiled when he felt the reassuring hand of his master. He nodded knowing that they were going to make it. Debris was falling and almost hit them several times but he anticipated and moved. The exit was falling and collapsed just as the Hawk busted through. He gave a victory punch in the air.


    "Good work my pupil," Jun- la said giving a pat to Andros' shoulder.


    Andros nodded and keyed the com, "Ebon Hawk to Ackbar. We're clear. Repeat we're clear."

  21. Ebon Hawk


    Andros had the Ebon Hawk ready to take off at a moment's notice. They were waiting for the last of their group to board and he was getting a little anxious. He could tell that the station was going to collapse. The console began to blink as he kept an eye out and he saw that it was a transmission coming in. He played it.


    Ebon Hawk, this is Admiral Belina aboard the Ackbar. What is your status?


    Andros replied, "This is the Ebon Hawk. We have the child but still waiting on three. Station structural integrity is rapidly declin..."


    He felt the explosion and it was certain that the whole ship shook. He checked the sensors, "Ackbar the structural integrity is failing. We've had a major explosion. Will hold out until..." The comm cut out. "Damn it," he muttered.


    Quickly Andros replayed, "Master, we don't have much time. We have to get out."


    Jun-la held her lightsaber ready to defend. She felt the explosions under her feet and heard the creaks. She replied, "Roger that. We're still waiting. Be ready to punch it."


    Copy that.




    Tavaryn was relieved when they made it to the hangar bay and the Hawk was in sight. He saw his niece and inwardly groaned. No doubt he was going to get it from her too. He allowed Xandros to steady him as he limped towards the ship. He had to stop and grabbed the ramp of the ship. He said to Jun-la, "Don't even think about it."


    "Oh I'm not Uncle," Jun-la replied holding in her worry. She had seen her uncle limping and with help from Xandros. She knew he was hurt if he was taking assistance. She could only hope that the other Jedi on board wouldn't get too hysterical. "But someone else might."


    Tavaryn gave her a scowl as Xandros returned with the data chip that had the AI. He took the data chip and put it in the slot in his powersuit while clutching to the one that the Cathar Jedi had given him. He had felt the explosions but more importantly, he sensed the Cathar and the light side of the Force with him and he sensed Tyrannus until there was nothing more. He sighed as he let Xandros get him inside the ship and towards the medbay.


    Jun-la waited until Xeran climbed aboard and said, "Lift off Andros." She jumped onto the ramp and sealed the doors. It was going to be a bumpy ride out. "Go!"


    Meanwhile Tavaryn made his way to the medbay and chanced upon Alriana. He stood up straighter though it pained him and said, "I'm all right moi chroi."




    Tyrannus lowered his blade as he saw what the Cathar had done. There was no means of escaping this. He had survived before but even he knew when he was defeated. He looked at the Cathar and said, "Well played," and allowed himself to be engulfed by the flames.

  22. Ackbar


    Is it possible we can get a team to their location? I'm sure I can spare a ship. Possibly a frigate?


    Tariq looked at the admiral and replied, "Alpha team is on standby ma'am. We just need a means of getting there. And I believe that the Ebon Hawk is still on location. Perhaps we should check in with the Jedi."




    "Let's get aboard the Hawk and get out of here." He said as he pulled Tavaryn up and supported him as best as he could as they limped towards the Hawk.


    Tavaryn did his best to try and stand on his own but it was getting difficult. He could only imagine what Alriana was going to say and he didn't want to worry her more than necessary. He limped along with Xandros helping him and he said, "We need to pick up Tara before boarding."




    Jun-la looked at the hangar bay. They had managed to disable the stations defenses so they could make a clean getaway. She looked at Alriana who looked anxious. She said, "They're on their way. I know it."




    Friends? Never. A means to an end? Yes.


    Tyrannus managed to avoid the lightning by jumping aside but when he whirled he saw what the Cathar Jedi was up to. He shouted, "What are you doing?!"

  23. Ackbar


    Tariq knew that the transmission was important and nodded. Besides his attention was turned to elsewhere and he pulled out the small communicator. He thought it was silly to do this in the beginning but it was proving useful now. He was once again humbled by the wisdom of his CO's thoughtfulness.


    It was a data transmission from Tara, the AI that had been assigned to Alpha Team. Tavaryn had suggested that they have a backup means so if he was disabled, then the team could retrieve the AI. At this moment Tara was sending a transmission about Tavaryn's suit status. He said, "Alpha Leader's suit integrity has been compromised."





    Tavaryn was trying to get to his feet but his injuries were starting to get to him. He was barely sitting up when he felt his hand being grabbed and the Cathar Jedi was pressing a data chip into his hand.


    When you get home, show this holographic chip to my daughter. I hope it helps her.Get to the ship...and tell my daughter and your mate that what I do...I'm doing for them. When you feel she's ready...tell her what I once was...and what I become once again at the end.


    Tavaryn couldn't help but nod. They may have fought and the Cathar may have nearly deep fried him once but he could sense that Varith was not motivated by anger or hate. He could sense the pure love for his daughter, the kind that only a father would have for his children. It filled him with a sense of love and happiness since he himself was going to be a father. He managed to breathe, "She will be loved with us."


    Tavaryn watched as Varith went to face the mortal enemy of his family. He had every reason to want that scum dead as well but this wasn't his fight. It was Varith's; a fight for the soul and redemption.


    Get your friend to the ship. I'll deal with this one.


    Tavaryn clenched the data chip in his hand as he watched the bulkhead slide shut. He would keep his promise. He tried to stand up but his legs were giving out. He was stubborn though and tried using the bulkhead to help. Somberly he gestured towards Xandros, "We need to go. It's his battle."




    Tyrannus was a survivor. That was what he did if only to extract the revenge that was long sought after of the line of the Heart of the Guardian. He almost had done it with the youngest of the Starlighters but now he was faced with an old friend. He looked at the Cathar.


    You won't escape this time. This time...you die.


    Tyrannus chuckled, "You are most certainly welcome to try old friend." He brought up his lightsaber and went into a position to prepare to attack. Suddenly he lunged at the Cathar.




    A/N: I know I've been pretty much a ghost here but I am back again. Hopefully I can stay longer.

  24. Station


    Tavaryn backed up and turned to cover the flank. He felt like crap since he had his suit punctured and was sore all over. He just wanted to curl up in a bed and sleep. He ended up thinking that he was being a wussy for wanting that.


    Fire in the hole!


    Tavaryn raised his forearm to protect himself and braced for the explosion. He glanced at a panel and noted that Tara was doing her thing. The explosion went off and the bulkhead opened. Tara's voice was heard, "Successful breach. Station defense systems still active. You should be able to reach the Ebon Hawk."


    "Thanks Tara," Tavaryn said. He looked at Xandros and the Cathar and nodded. He led the way down the corridor towards the hangar bay. Along the way he picked up Tara since the AI had the systems mostly under her control and they were almost there.


    They made it to the entrance way when Tavaryn was suddenly flung off his feet and into a bulkhead. He could hear Tara saying something about his vitals and suit systems but couldn't focus. In his view was Tyrannus back again and he was looking at the trio saying, "Did you think you could get rid of me so easily?"

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