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  1. For some weird reason I am fixated on Aiden and Alanna.

  2. No problem. I would do a bit of research to see when you can tell if there is one or two in there so it sounds believable since I think we decided on twins but the names were the sticking point.

  3. "When your shift is over, I suggest you come down to mine and Matton's quarters. Meet Kaillian. She likes kind people and she hasn't met her uncle yet. How far along?"


    "Around a month and a half." she said with a smile on her face. "I wonder what Tavaryn will say when he meets Kaillian. And I wonder how he'll react when she calls him uncle."


    Here is your post from when we started this one.

  4. I thought that you said a couple of months earlier on when Jun-la asked "How far along?"


    If she were three months along, there would be a slightly noticeable bulge. Two, not so much though I am not an expert on pregnancy lol.

  5. That would work. We could start when they get back to the Ebon Hawk.

  6. I kind of like that idea. He has the guilt for not doing what he knows his duty was and that was protecting Alriana. Then he comes to find out from Tavaryn about their relationship. It could be he doesn't quite like how Tavaryn jokes around a little on serious matters.


    The feud could start out as something simple, like kid stuff. Say Xandros does something like 'spill' soup on Tavaryn and makes snide remarks. Start small and have it escalate.

  7. So basically Xandros wants to duke it out with Tavaryn? Are you thinking more along the lines of him being a little pissed at Tavaryn for getting Alriana pregnant? That would be an interesting storyline. Your premise is good and maybe it could be made that the fight carried more complications than what is said.


    Also FYI I posted some more on FanFiction, even a sort of steamy piece that wouldn't leave my brain. OF course it's Supernatural but hey...

  8. knights, warlords and evil along with wizards in pointy hats. Sounds fun.

  9. What else? Elves, dwarves and humans? Or knights and fair ladies against evil dragons?

  10. The RP sounds pretty good though I am not sure of the genre. Swords and bows and arrows?

  11. Which one is it and what's the gist of the story?

  12. That's cool. I actually got into supernatural and am considered a fairly big hit on fanfiction.net.

  13. Oh. You do My Little Pony?

  14. No I haven't. I just got back on.

  15. I forgot about deviantart. I spend quite a bit of time on fanfiction.net

  16. Hello ye ole fart. I know that I have been on hiatus but I have continued to write. Currently on the series Supernatural. I give you permission to make fun of me on that but only to a certain extent. For instance... don't diss the pie.

  17. A joke. Meaning that I have the website put on my frequenter's list.

  18. Glad to be back. I know I was on hiatus. I'm ready to go now.

  19. Yeah I was on hiatus. Well Now I gotcha back on my watchlist. That sounds creepy but I have the site marked so click and I'm here.

  20. Hi there,

    I am not exactly familiar with Mass Effect so I don't know how well I would be able to fit in with that.

  21. Yes I am back. Just be patient if RL kicks in. I missed ya as well

  22. I wouldn't mind that.

  23. No Problem. I'll think on it.

  24. I'll bite on that. That way the girl gets close to I think we decided on twins right for Alriana and Tavaryn?

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