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  1. That could work. Maybe I could have Tavaryn suggest that Xandros go along as well. What do you think?

  2. Cool. Nice to be back on the RP.

  3. That would be an interesting idea. A thought just occurred to me, what if Varith's daughter was trained by Jun-la but she spends a majority of her time with Tavaryn and Alriana and eventually the kid(s) when born?

  4. Yeap and I just posted. Boy you guys really missed me. I am touched truly.

  5. I guess you got a point there.

  6. No problem on the asking. It's the beginning of the quarter and I don't need surprises at this time ;)

  7. It's coming along. I am reading through it.

  8. You can always PM him. He's pretty good about responding to those. If it comes from me, he let's it sit on the back burner... not really. But try PMing. Also be away he does have a system too but I think he'll be nice enough.

  9. I am willing to let you take the lead on it but if you want to discuss who should say what then that's fine too. I'm pretty laid back when it comes to RPs unless someone wants me to do something specific. Did you want me to make a decision?

  10. I'm agreeable to the suggestions regarding Kalla and Tonatius' children. As to who suggests it, do you want to have Kalla bring it up? There is always the possibility of a third party mentioning it like Taryn or Almalexia. Maybe even Kalla's family?

  11. Sure if you want to include him. I just threw that in there and never thought about it. Go right on ahead.

  12. No problem about springing that on me. Occassionally I live for a surprise. It just thoroughly startled me and I was actually laughing by the time I got over it and started writing my part.

  13. As to Writer's Block, the bane of every writer's existence, the best thing to do is to step back for a couple of days and not bother. Don't try to force the ideas. I started noticing that with the last chapter I wrote for Duty. I took a step back and actually just played the game for awhile as well as self playacting. (I talk to myself with character dialogue. Right now some smut scenes are playing themselves out and I'm not even there yet) It actually freed up my mind and I just picked it up and now I'm writing the next chapter that deals with the shrew of a sister, plus a few extras. Now that I got my ultimate edition with DLC, the ideas are rolling. So just take a step back. Try playing TSL and play as your main character. Subconsciously you'll think about the personality, etc.

  14. Yeah I was surprised. It felt like I was the one finding out I was preggers lol.


    Anyway, yeah toss some ideas at me and I'll mull over it and toss some back. If one of them happens to be half human- half Avalonian spawn running around, I'm game ;)


    As for Keep Running, I'll take a look. Just been busy but tonight I'm hiding out in the school library so I might be able to...if my attention isn't kept by Duty of Inheritance.

  15. Hey I wouldn't mind doing another collab fic. Could be fun ;)


    I just feel like I got hit with a double whammy on the RP since Alk didn't mention something about Kalla...lol

  16. How did you want to work out the grand scheme of Pestilus? Also is Pestilus and Varith on a ship or a planet?

  17. Okay cool just give me a direction of where to go. I was just about to have Kage escape and head back to Pestilus.

  18. BTW let me know if I need to help out on the RP and move things along with Pestilus, etc.

  19. Still working on it. Doing dialogue tweaks and I made some alterations on one of the scenes just to make it fit more with the hit and miss theme. Doc is at 9 pages right now.

  20. Understandable. I've got my comp exams in May coming up. The writer's block will pass so don't force the ideas to come. Good luck.

  21. Well I was hoping that you would be able to be in the battle on the ground. But maybe you can be a spy on Avalon or the spy on board the Ackbar. If you read the last few posts, there is an opening for a covert on board.

  22. Changed Tyrannus' name and I have an idea for a new Sith that will show up somewhere within the battle if that is ok?

  23. Cool beans. I'll figure something out since we need NPC sith peoples. I'll do some thinking on it to work it in.

  24. Okay, I was thinking that the Undying Sith found him and twisted him to their purpose so he has a different look and he actually returned to be part of the invasion army. I was also thinking of a couple of new characters. Any ideas on that?

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