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  1. but my timer keeps going up! the time goes up! even if im not doing anything with the internet
  2. see, i got the disks. the original disks when divided first came out. i didnt know installing them would make this faster. would it? cause the launchpad keeps installing things like data texture 01. and by the way, now its 24 hours. and also, the files take forever to install.
  3. i just set up the trial on my windows xp and the launchpad is taking like 34 hours or something and barely makes progress. how do i fix this?
  4. My download at the launch menu is taking forever. it says it has like 11 hours left. It keeps downloading things like patches or tres or something. What do I do? My computer is up to date and my internet is not dial up.
  5. I was playing on my xbox version, and when I got to the three Jedi Masters on Dantooine, I entered the conversation, but then Vrook stopped talking, and I was restored to normal gameplay mode. I could talk to Kreia, who was at the entrance to the Council Chambers, and even the three Masters! All they said were the normal stuff they usually said when you find them in lightside play, but then when I left, I was at the lvl 50! Also, I went back in to see if the glitch was gone, and it wasn't! Every time I went out of the Jedi Enclave, I gained fifty lvls! Has this happened to anyone else?
  6. Can someone make a mod for unlimited lvling up for K1?
  7. I've been looking for Rynnn Drag'gon and Arykh Drag'gon for awhile. Do you know them. And do you know Probacca, Woods, Skrewtape, Garason, Braidd Unig, or Akyh Drag'gon? Or Arynnn Drag'gon?
  8. Any place where you can play Rebellion for free? I lost mine, and what mod?
  9. OMG! Restuss was awesome! Since I was a Jedi, I got a special lightsaber hilt from an Emperor's hand I killed!
  10. Mine too. To the death, then. My char is called Corsen Varr.
  11. How strong is your char? Maybe we'll meet on the battlefield. LOL.
  12. What exactly, do you plan on doing at the Battle of Restuss? My guild, The Surviving Light, over fifty Rebel Jedi Knights and Masters strong, plan on leaving a mark on the Emperor's military. By the way, we have a Council and city in a hidden location. If you want to join, tell me.
  13. I don't know about everyone else, but I would draw the line between good and evil. Period, dot. Good=save people from towering building. Evil= Watch people and laugh. Grey= laugh and pull them away from harm. You see, the Dark Side of the Force is evil, but the powers aren't. It's how you use the power of the Force. For instance, let's say you use a "light side" power to heal a wounded Sith while another is about to kill a helpless baby and woman. Or, let's say you use a "dark side" power to shoot lighting out of your hand (though Luke can make his own kind of good lightning) and overload a power conuit, therefor making a door break but causing no harm to living sentients. See what I mean?
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