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  1. That's it I had it! I've been a member to this forum for like five or so months and their just isn't **** to talk about. I'm not just throwing a fit because my few post haven't been multi page threads but damn. 60 views and no one has a single fu%^ng thing to say. I'm sorry I'm a member to many other forums. I've got more than 850 post under my belt on one....why because theres stuff to talk about. On here their just an't s#it to talk about. I don't get it Battlefront is a great game and for a StarWars fan like myself and others like myself I would think that this forum would be busy all the time but s#it! So too the first mod that find's my little rant consider this my (just delete my account) note. Too all fairwell and happy whatever the hell it is you do on here. Peace
  2. Hmmm that's not a bad idea. More surface area to put more mines on. Muhhaaa Muhaa...hack cough. damn I need a hobby! So what kinda dirty trick have you found for thouse handy dandy mines.
  3. Wow 14 views and not one relpy.You guy's must be thinking that this is the most retarded thing since low cal beer. That and I typed tree rather than three. Just try it you'll like it.
  4. It's as simple as. One place land mine/mine's on speeder bike. Two get on speeder bike. Tree fly by the largest group of enemy troops you can find and watch all hell break loose. I figure why wait for the enemy to come to the mine when you can bring the mine to them. Warning may cause kamakazi death if friendly fire is on!
  5. I would say that my all time favorite weapon is the award shotgun and a close second would be the Bothan cloaking device / flamethrower.
  6. Hmm it's good to see I'm not the only one that has a hard time with the bothan. I get shot to sh!t every time I try to learn the art of being a Bothan. I don't think the imp's are so easly fooled by my (cloaking device).
  7. Don't rent it buy it! If you like BF 1 than you'll love BF 2. I love it to death.
  8. I've tried the cheats on my PS2 and so far they don't work. Am I missing something? I go to the pause screen and then punch the code in right?
  9. Rudolphski

    Space CTF

    I haven't tried your trick yet but I have one of my own to share. I take a bomber over to the enemy hanger as fast as possible and once there I order my co pilot to get out so that while there after him I can get to the shield generator and destroy it! It takes about four time bombs to get rid of it so you have to choices (One wait in the generator room untill a enemy pilot runs in so that you can kill him and take his ammo) (Two run back into the control room and find the ammo droid near the exit) I prefer to run back to the droid Myself because it's easy to get out gunned in the shield gen room. I usualy raise hell as much as possible with this trick until their troops are down then I get a bomber and kill whats left of their fleet.
  10. I can't fly for sh!t. I'll have to try some more tonight. I'm having a heck of a time keeping my flight plane level. I get the the throttle/roll all mixed up. I always seem to barrel roll to death.
  11. Awsome! I can't wait to try that out on Hoth. The number of cool things that come to mind are just plain awsome. There have been so many cases were I've found a great sniping location just to get killed by a single pilot that has found me in a not so great position to defend myself.
  12. Does anyone have any info on what the Auto Turrets are that the sniper class carry? Is it some type of mini turret that can guard your back or defend a location while you move to new ground?
  13. So do you get to keep your newly upgraded weapons or is it only for the time that your playing?
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