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  1. I'm hardly one of the "oldies" either, but I have several fond memories of this community. Forums and message boards like LF are a really great thing--it's a shame that they have fallen to the wayside for sites like Reddit to take their place. EDIT: Oh my goodness, I just saw my Avatar for the first time in....5 years? It scared me.
  2. MrWally


    Hey everyone. I haven't posted here in forever! That said: L4D2 is $5 today! I'm thinking about getting it, but I have no friends to play it with Would people get in on this?
  3. (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.) God I love Asians.
  4. Seconding this. Just bought it two days ago, started playing it yesterday. Great game. I wish I wasn't so busy.
  5. I was done there, actually. I just got back on Sunday! :)

  6. Now I find myself interested in what that MW2 experience was like O.o
  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Or rather, happy annual observance of your escape from the womb, journey around the center of our solar system, etc, etc.
  8. (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.) Alien Swarm! What was once an extremely popular UT2k4 mod has not been revamped with the Source engine and is not being released today, July 19th, for FREE on Steam! I'm downloading it right now. I see a bunch of you already have, but I thought I'd still spread the word. Feel free to post your impressions! I'll be coming back here in an hour or two saying what I think of it EDIT: Played with some friends for a few hours. Feels very much like a top-down L4D, which is a good thing. There are loads of weapon and load out, options. You choose from one of four classes, essentially Tank, DPS, Tech, and Healer. You then choose your main weapon and your secondary weapon, along with some sort of utility (damage amp, armor, freeze grenades, etc). The game is also quite pretty. The lighting is very atmospheric and the monsters are all detailed (to the point where you can easily tell which type you're fighting). I'm headed to the gym so I'll give a more detailed review later, but my only main criticism right now is that the servers are being absolutely assaulted. The lag is pretty bad.
  9. I've never seen an episode of that show, I have no desire too, but seriously, how can it be so popular? Even if the "Average Person" doesn't understand all the technical terms, its still blatantly evident that the show has lazy writers. How can the rest of it be any good?
  10. I wish you luck for getting the job, and I hope you don't have to do any of the underhanded, dirty stuff that everyone hears regarding the geek squad.* *I'm sure most of the Geek Squad is legit. I'm aware that (as is the case with most organizations) it's always the bad stories that you hear about.
  11. I definitely saw that exact same thing going on at ACEN.
  12. Source: http://www.swtorstrategies.com/2010/07/may-schwartz-be-with-you-entire-star.html If anyone has any idea why the .gif is so large on the site and so small here, feel free to share. EDIT: And the ASCII version, in case anyone missed it: http://www.asciimation.co.nz/#
  13. That definitely sounds like they are just waiting for a law suit. That's a real bummer man. You and your family will be in my prayers. Hopefully it will all get sorted out and you'll be able to find a place to stay! Where are you holding up for now? Do you have relatives in the area?
  14. ....It only takes one hand to fap....? And damn, man. That really sucks, Kain. My absolute condolences. Any idea how insurance will cover it? And why didn't the Smoke Alarms go off? I hate to be that guy who shouts "sueee!!111!1!" but aren't they the responsibility of the apartment/town home owners (I could be absolutely wrong on that).
  15. Well, before they lived in the Philippines they lived in the jungle in Mexico, and the bugs there blow the Philippines out of the water. There were freaking ant stampedes where you could literally FEEL the ground rumbling from all the ants coming. They tell stories of how they'd get on tables and chairs and ladders and just spray any swarm that came close. So its possible they saw the Philippines as a relief in that sense. But as for the mosquitoes, I don't really know. I think they just learned to put up with it, or they wore long-sleeved clothing (which sucks for the heat/humidity, but works against bugs). Or they're just like me and never really had issues with mosquitoes in the first place.
  16. 68 degrees in a house is pretty typical here in the Chicago region xD In other news, my parents, who lived in the Philippines for twenty years, were going on about how it was going to be "so nice out today!" so we should turn off the A/C and open all the windows! I, of course, decided they were crazy and kept my door shut and fired up my Vornados. The rest of the house was freaking 82 degrees. They're insane.
  17. It was a pretty enjoyable game. Don't expect Mass Effect or anything, though. While I wouldn't necessarily say it's one is a "better game" than the other, they're directed at different crowds. Dragon Age is definitely more tedious and is for the more rpg-oriented fans. If you enjoyed Neverwinter Nights (as I did), you'll enjoy Dragon Age.
  18. Here I thought I could go the weekend without seeing any Football, and Doctor Who has to go ruin it for me. That scene (while a little cringe-worthy at first) was absolutely wonderful.
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