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  1. I'm thinking about reinstalling one of them but only have enough space for one. Which should it be? I think BF is better personally, but what about everyone else?
  2. um if you go to the escape pod room, and jump up as Vader or Yoda, or fly as Jet Trooper (Dark won't work) you can go above and outside of the level. Some parts you fall through though, and if you walk into the black you fall for a while.
  3. It was recorded via webcam, and it was on Xbox (prolly works for all)
  4. Dunno if this has been discussed before but... http://www.savefile.com/files.php?fid=9175506 Check it out.
  5. Hah. 1.) The force balls only do that Xbox Lag... err Live. 2.) The icon is the droideka's shield in Conquest only.
  6. If there was another BFII expansion released via Xbox Live, what would you like. (Let's keep it simple by making it generally the same as the current expansion) So: 4 New Maps 2 New Heroes (One Hero; One Villian) Hero Assault Added to 3 New Maps Existing Gamemode added to a map (Rhen Var Hunt) Mine are as followed Maps: Naboo Plains Bespin Platforms Geonosis Spire Tatooine Dune Sea Heroes: Qui-Gon Jinn or Lando Calrissian Zam Weasel Hero Assault On: Mustafar Death Star Utapau And Hunt added to Coruscant (Jedi Vs. 501st)
  7. err not to be mean or anything but it's eXistence
  8. Ok how about I put a disclaimer, use on bots. (Because that's all I do with any glitch.)
  9. I'd like an Anakin sig. (With his cloak on from the Jedi Temple Siege) If the saber color could be changed to red that'd be cool. and could it say eXistence on it?
  10. Or call it Force It's-just-a-game-dude-chill-out. Or Force Use-On-Bots-Cause-They-Don't-Cry
  11. Like how when that guy came up with "Force Collapse" everyone was saying "WOWW COOL POWER LOL"
  12. Grip someone and then switch to saber throw (Vader or Anakin) continue to hold secondary attack and you run towards them while they are still choking, or saber throw them. What should we call this power?
  13. ...Wow they are definetly doing this last minute. I wake up to find what you ask? No update, of course. EDIT: Home from school, where is that damn update? EDIT 2: Update released a bit before midnight. Way to delay?
  14. Agreeably, online is a tragedy. So much for fixing the lag eh Lucasarts. Oh wait, Pandemic is the company that makes it. Lucasarts just slaps their name on it for some free PR.
  15. End of the month. Where's our expansion? EDIT: 31st. Wow way to wait till the last minute.
  16. I broke down and bought the Xbox Version recently. I decided to check the content downloads and found Hero Assault on Kashyyyk. I've played it a few times and was wondering everyone's opinions on it. Personally I love it.
  17. See it is a real game, but I'm using GameDrive 9.0 so I don't have to use the disc. That's not the problem though because it worked before. I've had it for about 2 weeks and it just started today. EDIT: I just tried again, and it didn't crash until I engaged in a saber battle with a bot. However, I had killed 5 bots before. It seems Alora is causing this problem. I'm going to check it out. EDIT2: Turns out Alora wasn't the problem, but now I'm going to try a different map. I've been using Taspir on Free-for-All. I'm going to try a variety of things including different maps, different gamemodes, and custom maps.
  18. When I play multiplayer, whether it's alone, I make one, or I join one. It crashes and goes to the main menu with the following error: Any thoughts?
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