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  1. This is beautiful! What's your Behance profile? I'd love to see some more.
  2. So, this game popped into my head again today and I decided to take a look at extracting the contents from the image file. I've not really got any plans to dig any further but if anybody else does then I've chucked the extracted datafiles up here: http://gracesdisposal.bpweb.net/Games/MI2%20BK-0011.zip I'd love to see those backgrounds When extracting I discovered there were more files than those listed above(a few more exe's), my complete file list is as follows: 00.lfm 01.lfm 02.lfm 03.lfm 04.lfm 05.lfm 06.lfm 07.lfm 08.lfm 09.lfm 10.lfm 11.lfm
  3. Are there any live links for the Rebel Assault poster any more? I'd love to get hold of those.
  4. I've not seen it mentioned here yet but Ron released a new game for the iPad a couple of weeks back called The Big Big Castle! Clayton K did the art for it too. It was released through Beep Games, Inc. It's a fun castle building/destroying game and it's also free! Currently only available in the UK and Canada, though I am assured that this will change soon. Check it out - http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/the-big-big-castle!/id515771744?mt=8
  5. This just looks more and more appealing each time I see it, I've refrained from playing the AGS version so I don't spoil it for myself. I can't wait for this game.
  6. Fantastic, the game looked fantastic in AGS but I'm so pleased that you opted to create a new more portable engine, I'm very eager to play this game on my Mac. Is Mac a target platform for day one? Any more thoughts on running a pre-order? I've got money in my pocket right now ready to pay for this game!
  7. The more I see of this game the more I wish I was playing it now. If you plan to open a pre-order, I'll hand over my cash right now!
  8. This game looks beautiful, I really cant wait to play it! I guess AGS means it is Windows only?
  9. Would you accept donations towards having them scanned at some shop?
  10. Copying this over from the ScummVM forums to gather interest from the mojo crowd: I've been collecting graphics for a remake of the 'Last Crusade' adventure game cover. I have enough artwork to reproduce the logo at a nice resolution('INDY' + 'INDIANA JONES and the Last Crusade' Texts). I put this through vectormagic and have a decent clean logo but I am struggling to reproduce the gradient used on the original texts. I have no idea what the texture behind the actors is. While the cover is not painted and not as nice as the others, I wanted to gather interest in this before
  11. lovely, Ive actually seen the nur-ab-sal necklace before too, some guy made them as prop replicas for a while. last time I saw them was on ebay a few years ago
  12. I've always wondered about this game, It was released on the NES only right? Id like to get a good quality scan of the dynatron comic cover(or NES game) maybe someone could posterise it
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