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  1. I don't really know either well enough to judge. Your call.

  2. I'm considering it. And let's try to keep it consistent, or did you already have some kind rewrite in mind?

  3. Alright, you have my permission. Send me a link when you've got stuff set up and feel free to ask about lore adn background stuff.

  4. I don't really know either of those, but I could check it out.

  5. What do you have in mind? What site are you referring to?

  6. Sure. I kind of regret not seeing it through to the end.

  7. I'll take a look. Thank you for letting me know.

  8. I've never understood that myself. If someone wants to be a fan of something, that's their business.

  9. Hello again. Long time no see.

  10. In Matt Smith's defence, three seasons is more or less the standard amount of time for a Doctor's run, even if noone's done exactly that.

  11. So, thoughts on Peter Capaldi?

  12. Good question. The main thing I envisioned was for them to engage the Sith Fleet, with a confrontation between Kalla and Pestilus in the Jedi Temple.

  13. Yes. What of it?

  14. Well, my skype is alex.g.denby

  15. I'd be more than happy to help critique it for you. And technically, I ran the nine main RP's, plus a few side fics for the series.

  16. I figured that, I was trying to follow it by him reassuring her.

  17. Ok, replied. I hope I can actually get back into it and finish the RP.

  18. I hadn't seriously considered it, but yes. That's a good idea.

  19. Care to fill me in on what's been happening in my RP while I've been ponying it up tumblr?

  20. I guess so. I've mostly migrated over to Pony RP's on Tumblr at this point.

  21. Sorry. Yeah, I'll see what I can do.

  22. Well, in Kalla's case, I think I just said that it hasn't been long enough for it to be outwardly apparent.

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