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  1. Proposal: Tech level the heros in GC MP. Reason: It will stop heros like pett and home one from being used right off the bat. Current Perceived Imbalance: As of now you start with all your heros and at tech level 1 you can completly take over any planet owned by another player unless they have their hero(s) there. Another one, going to make this short. Change the ground shields so that bombing runs can't be used to destory stuff in the shield when its up by targeting outside of it.
  2. Tech level the heros in GC MP. I hate how you can be attacked by home one or pett at tech level 1. I'd also like to see more maps. Like the winner of the map contest should have there map put into the patch also.
  3. Any plans on tech leveling the heros in MP GC?
  4. I for one love the idea but I still want heros to be tech leveled. I hate being attacked by a star destoryer at tech level 1.
  5. I want the heros to be tech leveled in GC MP. Just like it is in single player. I hate the fact you start with home one and pett at tech level 1.
  6. Make the Venator buildable from the space dock or remove the text that say it can be built there.
  7. It means they came from something for free and arn't part of you fleet when you leave...well in the case of tie fighters its alittle diffrent. Like if you are defending in space. All X-Wings that come from the space staion have those flags. I guess its to help you so you don't waste units you had to buy when you can use some that get replaced for free.
  8. They will be released to everyone else have some time. This happened with another game. I can't remeber which game.
  9. Well I would say petro isn't the ones who did this. I would say it was lucas that told them to remove it. I had followed the cnc games and I found out that the last few where changed by ea. One of the games CnC: TS was changed by EA so that some of the stuff was removed to make an expasion. I hope this doesn't happen to them anymore.
  10. If the walls work then I hope they have some kind of gate like CnC TS.
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