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  1. I say vader cus he's really powerful and his power are pretty well balanced
  2. Ok well thanx m8 yeh my advice works good for me but every man to his own. Might now work for you and thats fine i was just sharing my tactic with you all
  3. Well my frist impressions were wowza and i'm really happy with it... i don't really have any critism's for it eccept for the fact that my comp got scanned in the top 3% of computers scanned and can only play the game on very high and not the highest settings.. oh well. And my other complaint is that there is no 40+ planets for lan so that me and my brother can have a true fight to the death.... but 20+ will do. Oh yeh.. 1 more i don't like the way in galactic conquest to always start out with multiple planets, units and heros... although i know you can turn the starting units down.. i would have been happier with just being able to start out with 1 planet and make my own way around the galaxy.. oh well. And Finially some 1 really f**ked up with the realease dates... Australian's were suposed to get the game on the 21st Januray.. yet i went up to EB games and picked it up on the 17th January.... Beats me all i know is i'm happy is a "Pig in ****" and that its a great game all round.. A few bugs and problems but there fixable... Finially PLZ NEVER GO WITH GAME SPY AGAIN FOR MULTIPLAYER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great game. Jason gives it 9.5/10
  4. You and me both athanasios i really wanted 2 vs my bro via lan on 40+ planets to see who's the better strat game player oh well 20 will have to do... But none the less my fingers are crossed that there will be a mod that will fix this. Jason91
  5. wow so long since i posted on a topic neway back 2 the subject at hand i'm so disheatened i have 2 wait till the 21st DAMN U AMERICA WHY DO U HAVE TO WALK ALL OVER THE LITTLE GUY :'( :'( AND MAKE ME WAIT AN EXTRA WEEK :'( :'( WHILE ALL THE LUCKY PEOPLE GET IT :'( :'( neway no more bitching.. yeh i'm sad but ohwell wats 5 days i'll be with u all soon enuf. Good luck and have fun
  6. I have no idea.... beats me mabe trophid can shead some light on this Jason91
  7. i FELL IN LOVE WITH IS GAME THE MNIUTE I SAW A PIC OF IT I JUMPED FOR JOY CUS I'M A HUGE STARWARS N.E.RD LOLZ and i love rts's so i immediately put this down on my wishlist i just hope to god that i get the collectors eddition here is australia cus if not i won't be a happy chappy but oh well i'll get retail version neway Jason91
  8. awwwwwwwwwwwwww man i wante the collectors addition 2 oh well better luck next time
  9. No 1 answer my question reallly well so i'll ask it again in ep 3 when we see clone troopers on kashyeek ( argh bad spelling ) ( sorry ) they are wearing greem cammo. well we see the same in EaW on forest planets eg endor,yavin 4,kashyeek ( argh bad spellin again some 1 slap me ) and will they be wearin dessert cammo on places like tatooine, geonisis and other desert plannets
  10. About People Picking the game to pieces ( as my bro put it) And yes i'm pointing at you Darth Windu..... you can't say a game is going to suck when it isn't even out yet..... oh yeh so it isn't going to have the PT in it... WOOP DE FKN DO.... no 1 else cares.... its going to be a good game none the less and i'm sick and tired of reading 3 and 4 page links about people complaining about the venator and the SSD not in.... I mean so wat it isn't that bigger deal... As juggernaut said ITS ONLY A SHIP.. and the modders are going to give you want you want anyway so i would be to worried if i was you.... And please stop picking the game to pieces..... i mean have you ever thought that the reason the didn't add the SSD or the venator is because it would throw ballance out the window and would make the imps to powerful.... and as for the time line ending at BOY i wouldn't be complaining over that either... the game still has alot of depth to it... and popcorn i kno you mabe be a little disheartened that the Tie interceptor and the SSD an't in the game but i wouldn't feel that disheartened because they can include it in an expansion and give people like juggernaut a chance to make them selves as modders and make moddels of the SSD.... and put them to the test, yes i am a little upset that they haven't included evey thing.. "including the kitchen sink..." and given us up to ROTJ but you "can't have your cake and eat it to can you?" i mean i don't care i still know this is going to be the best Starwars RTS EVER and i know it will woop BFM2's ass because its being made my EA and EA SUCK ASS!!!!!!!!!!! but i kno it will be good because its being made by westwood and I'VE NEVER PLAYED A BAD WESTWOOD GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So plz stop picking the game to pieces AND 4 PEOPLE LIKE YOU WINDU IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT TOUGH ****!!!!!!!! Jason91
  11. Choke points are where combat bogs down.... you get this in counter strike source... where the map will have a choke point and the combat will bog down... and also the place will be a tight spot and a few direct hits from gnades wipe you out... so i'm assuming this will be the case in EaW ( like a cannon ambush ) it would tear you to shreads... That's a choke point. Jason91
  12. Jan u really have a way with words and couldn't have put it better
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