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  1. It is nowhere as good as TFU. TFU was fun and interesting, and was a fairly decent length. And the "story" in TFUII....ugh What happened to LucasArts? Did Disney buy them, too?
  2. I thought it was lame. short boring weak Am I surprised? No Feel ripped? Yes Did I mention is was short? Flashy graphics are no match for a good, long story at your side, kid.
  3. When I disable the sound mixer, the game runs. But who wants to play without sound? Surly there must be a way around this
  4. Yeah, did that, no go. I have the same prob with Republic Commando
  5. i tried running it with only 1 core and in xp mode, but still nada.
  6. i tried running it with only 1 core and in xp mode, but still nada.
  7. you are most welcome. I would have posted it sooner, had I noticed the old link went down from lack of use.

  8. Not Vista running XP Edit: fixed changed SWKotOR2 folder sharing options Edit 2: anyone know why this is?
  9. Can anyone help me with this, please? non- admin gets this message. " the game does not seem to be properly installed please restore the installation or reinstall the game"
  10. Defender's wrist console 1.9 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=RUTL92D8
  11. anyone know if there are any? would love an spinning ebonhawk
  12. I have had my fill of clone wars. Of course, I've seen the movies, the cartoon(bad art), read the novel and the comics, and played the games. I would much rather see events that take place betwen ep III and IV. I was let down by no Vader til the end of III. Bring on Vader. I would really like some Kotor stories as well, as long as it is not weak stories like they are telling in the comics.
  13. yes, sorry for not stating that at the beginning. It was made by modders.
  14. If so, a sp expansion called User Error(UE2) has been released recently. They did a really great job and it's a huge file(255mb). here is the site http://www.ldso.net/
  15. Hmmm, why is the post count 0
  16. I just noticed that, also. I came here to make a thread, but you beat me to it
  17. thanx, long time since i've seen a sp map
  18. just wanted to say thanx to the makers of this mod. Can't wait to play
  19. makes me hope that new areas are going to explode on the scene awesome
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