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  1. Now that is very true, MC30s will make absolute bloody mincemeat of anything resembling a capital ship.
  2. Come on devs! Multiplayer Endor! And Hoth! And Bilbringi?
  3. You could make up some for the Consortium. Also, the first battle of the Thrawn campaigns (Obroa-skai?) would be very good. Empire gets Thrawn plus some Tartan support ships, and Rebels get 4 Assault Frigates and some X-wing fighters. Could work out quite nice.
  4. Would it be possible for the dev team to make some official scenarios and distribute them, such as the Battle of Endor and Hoth? Endor would be very good now that we have the Executor and Rogue Squadron, not to mention the DSII. Or perhaps even the starting battle in the Thrawn campaign? Anything is good really. Your thoughts please.
  5. Yeah, I'm fine too in Galactic Conquest, even get brave enough to leave corruption on worlds for money saving sometimes, it's just skirmishes which really irritate me. I think they might be overpowered because they have to buy their considerable special abilities in GC, whereas they get them for free in skirmish. Have to say the Consortium is pretty bad on the ground though, although they completely rock in space.
  6. The TB-4 doesn't equate to the Pulse Cannon though, it technically matches up with the AT-AT (possibly 2B Tank) as the most powerful ground assault unit for each faction. Also, care to tell us what these 'counters' are? You keep mentioning them, but not telling.
  7. Actually it was one of those irritating blue pulse cannon things. Consortium, just tone 'em down please.
  8. Dear God. I've just had the longest game I've ever played against the AI. About 70 capital ships involved, I lost 14 Star Destroyers and 4 Thrawns, they lost 20 Mon Cal cruisers, numerous Ackbars, at least 30 Consortium capital ships. It was totally manic. Just turn down the freaking Consortium, one hit from their space station can kill a TIE Defender!
  9. I do like the new AI granted, but I can't seem to play 3 way skirmish games with it because it just teams up on me and destroys me before I've started.
  10. Perhaps a space fight in a civilian shipping lane, and any civilian ships that you hit cost you credits. Just a thought, would be quite cool to see TIE Interceptors and X-wings chasing each other through the traffic. Bulk freighters would be good, as well as cruise liners and cargo tugs near civilian stations.
  11. There is already a topic on this, and it has been mentioned in several more.
  12. ARGH! Please, please tone down the Consortium. I took Myrkr from the Rebels and 10 seconds later a huge fleet of Interceptor IV frigates blows me out the system before I've got a chance to build a space station. It's ridiculous and doesn't exactly encourage me to play Galactic Conquest.
  13. Yeah I know, but gunships are now so weak that they don't do much anyway.
  14. Skiprays are unbelievably powerful. They are the Consortium equivalent of Defenders or B-wings, ie. a multi-purpose fighterbomber. I got the Executor stuck behind some asteroids over Nal Hutta and the spawns from a L2 station almost killed it, and would have done if it weren't for my constant fighter spamming from the Executor itself. Maybe we should put together a list of the units that are unbalanced? Skipray Blastboat Consortium Space Stations (particularly L3>) Need more piracy missions too, those are very fun and give good bonuses, there just aren't many of them about. Has anyone found the orbital bombardment to be a bit, well, crap for the Rebels? Just some ion blasts? What happened to turbolasers?
  15. I don't use Piett much in the ISD anyway, I think Thrawn better serves the role, so yes, I'd be all for Vader in his TIE Advanced x1 again.
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