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  1. Galactic conquest, dont know about skirmage
  2. im moving back to amarica next month. so it would be cool if i could just buy the english expansion, and have it work with my german game. if not, im hoping i can mail it to lucasarts or something to get the english vertion of the origenal game.
  3. i always thought that this game deeded mirror matches, so its good to hear its finely in. interior maps is good new too
  4. i never have ploblems with rebs rushing for the mines. maybe theres only noobs around these days
  5. i noticed that corvettes are used less, since it is overshadowed by the neb b or acc. so i noticed that i use bombers more often now
  6. boba fett, mel falcon, and the corvettes still have to much health mines dont have enough health fighters should take out bombers faster then corvettes do sync errors in multiplayer fix for what ever is cousing people not to conect in multyplayer, the team gets a share of the money from the guy who leaves automatacly a new easer to understand multiplayer "connecting users" window
  7. it be cool if teams could share pop caps so that 1 drops, the guy remaining wont need to worry aboutthe enemy out numbering him.
  8. looks loke a wookie. whats that wookie bountyhunters name again?
  9. you can read it here i like the idea of dark troopers with chain guns, force sensitive that can see cloaked units, cloaked mine can be planted, and the moble defence turret i wounder if a bountyhunter can remove curroption, and if the interdicter can keep the underworld from moving freely in imperial space
  10. the bigger the ship the better sensors it can carry --------------------------------------------------- and bigger the blind spots i read that the awing has stealth technolagy and the bwing has a kind of sensor ghost tech.
  11. just thought of something, if theres no corvettes in level 1, then you can mass praduse bombers to take out the base, im sure the fighters cant take out the bombers fast enough
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