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  1. Game racist? That's one of the most ridiculous things I've ever heard of. Maybe they think that their profits won't be very good with the PS2. Or that they'll have to dumb down the graphics too much to get it on there. Or that the gameplay simply wouldn't work out on it. Maybe thy didn't want to display their work on a system they didn't think could stand up to the challenge. Who knows. Surely there are better reasons than Raven and Lucasarts being "racist" against a game console.
  2. The press release confirms it will be on the PC and Xbox. Whether it's exclusive or if it will be ported sometime down the line is yet to be seen. I personally doubt it.
  3. Back to your old tricks, digl? Interesting that they omitted the the '3' from the title. I suppose because the '3' would imply the further adventures of Kyle, which this is not.
  4. I'll go ahead and close this one since it was a double post.
  5. Here's the deal. The Valley of the Jedi is for JKII (and JKIII, now, I suppose) discussion. Avatars and banners do not fall under that category. Yoda's Swamp, which is for off-topic threads, is better suited to that sort of thing. Better yet, we have dedicated threads to providing avatars and banners/sig pics and such. Avatars Sig Pics So just keep your link in your signature, stop promoting/showing off your work except in those threads. Thanks for your apology. It's all good.
  6. Damn man, it's good to see you back! It's been a long time. You've been missed. I think you were AWOL longer than Stormhammer, Gonk, and myself... combined. Regardless, make yourself at home again. I'm sure it won't be too difficult. Edit: I'm tempted to make this a sticky thread.
  7. Now that we have Mike Gummelt on this very message board, discussing and CONFIRMING the game, I don't think there's much room for debate. Regardless, April Fool's jokes generally happen on April 1st, not a few days ahead of time. This would be an extremely elaborate and infinitely stupid hoax if it were one. Between a respected German gaming magaizine, a respectable gaming news site (JKII.net ), and the lead programmer from JKII, the potential for decreased slaes/traffic in their respective markets is just too great to ultimately piss off and alienate an entire gaming community. It is simply horrid and insane business practice to do such a thing. No way this is a hoax.
  8. Wow, I missed a lot today. Mike, you kick ass. Thanks so much for taking the time to give us the lowdown. The suspense is going to kill me. If this is a team-based objective multiplayer mode, I will die a happy man. If not, then it's still good.
  9. Holy smokes. These look amazing for the Q3 engine. Are they scans from the mag?
  10. I played through the entire game, and it was a fantastic experience. After the main storyline it gets a little boring and I stopped playing non-stop, but that game had me addicted for a good week. I never thought a space shooter with a mouse would be so much fun!
  11. Interesting quiz. I happen to be at 39 (spiritual dabbler). Probably a bit higher than I would have guessed, but whatever.
  12. I'm thinking it'll just be an expansion as well. I'll be watching this story with great interest.
  13. It's pretty simple. You get two points per post, and you get an additional point every time somebody gives you a positive rating (or a point taken away if they negatively rate you). Then go the main LucasForums directory and look in the upper right corner - there should be your avatar, your points, and your name. And to the left, just above the forum listings, should be a link to the store. Go in and see the options for yourself. Some are pretty cool.
  14. That is bizarre. How the hell did nobody notice he was missing before the inspection? That must be one bad way to go.
  15. I'd personally expect pretty weak graphics on the PS2 version. Even if they pull off the lighting effects on the inferior hardware, it will be at the sacrifice of other graphical areas. Regardless, it's a great game. You'll probably enjoy it it no matter what.
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