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  1. I remember all of those websites. I worked on JKMAG for a bit after Chyren left. I didn't do much other than moderate the forums, which I eventually had to close due to piracy issues, and run a one time JK IRC tournament that went over quite well. The tournament was host to 50-60 JKers, many of which were top players, and that's no small feat for a group of people that were that entrenched to the Zone. Hyperview was a great site. Kurgan, you remember that one side...JK Depot or something similar? That was a great site as well. Many files from both of those sites will never be experienced by anyone again.
  2. I'll be playing on the dedicated server on and off today if anyone would like to join me.
  3. You're probably behind a router. The quickest, yet somewhat less safe method of playing would be to go in to your router configuration and turning on DMZ. Note: I'll be playing on the dedicated server on and off today if anyone would like to join me.
  4. I miss jediBoard, Qtracker, and Recon Droid. I can't say that I'm too upset about The Zone.
  5. And if you're interested in playing somewhere besides that "hive of scum and villany" try coming to #JediKnight. Below are tutorials on how to join #JediKnight and how to use Qtracker to play. http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=92709
  6. I've written 2 tutorials (today and last night), and thought that I'd share them with you folks. http://www16.brinkster.com/ndsradio/tutorials_qtracker.html http://www16.brinkster.com/ndsradio/tutorials_channeljediknight.html They're mainly written for Jedi Knight and Mysteries of the Sith players, but anyone is welcome to check them out or to use the methods.
  7. What I'm saying is...you may want to start by doing a little trial and error... 1. Try using a MOD other than the one that it has been crashing with (if it's only 1 MOD that you're playing). 2. If it's every MOD, try hosting a regular MOD-free game of JK and see if you crash to the desktop. If other MODs don't crash when you use Patch Commander, this will tell you that it's probably the MOD. If other MODs do crash with Patch Commander, it could be a number of things. You would then want to host a regular game of JK to determine whether or not your game crashes without Patch Commander as well. If it doesn't crash, this would tell you that it's probably Patch Commander. Also...what MOD are you playing with, what video card are you using, and are you using the latest version of Patch Commander ( <-- should see this version number when you go to Help / About...)?
  8. Does this only happen when you use Patch Commander? If you aren't sure, you may want to try playing JK without Patch Commander a few times to find out. From what you've explained...the problem could be anything from a bug in Patch Commander (unlikely), to the particular video card you're using, to memory.
  9. Nope...nothing particular, but there were hundreds of files on that website, and many of them can't be found anywhere else. The same thing happened when JKOutpost shut their doors. I like to archive all of the JK/MotS levels/mods that come out...just a strange hobby I have...and alot of my buddies do the same thing. We're sort of...JK historians I guess you could say, and these sites that are dying, are killing off access to alot of files that will never again be found. Thanks for any help that you may have! It saddens me to see alot of things dying out after all of these years...jediBoard, Hyperview, JKOutpost, Recon-Droid.
  10. There are no forcefields in Blades of Death (BoD). If you're referring to the fan, you simply drop the the lower level that the fan is on, go through either door on that level, follow the route to the health/shields and you will see a button. Activate that button and it will turn off the fan. You may then drop in and get the Rail Detonator or the Concussion Rifle, but beware...the fan comes back on in around 15 seconds or so. If you're referring to Nar Shaddaa Loading Terminal (NSLT), which does have a forcefield, you simply go to the upper floor of the level, by going to the ramp beyond the conveyor belt, up the elevator, down the corridor with the gas tanks, through the 2 doors, and to the switch that will be straight across from you there. That switch will allow you to open and close the forcefield. There is also a switch on the catwalk, outside the forcefield, that enables you to turn the forcefield on and off as well. I hope that helps. Have fun.
  11. I can't seem to get any of the major JK news sites to post the news...at least not yet, so I'll just do it the old-school way, flooding the related forums with the news. E-Mail from Ron Mercer: FYI. I've added JediKnight and MotS to QtUplink. I should be releasing a new version of Qtracker and QtUplink by Wednesday at the latest. I'm just trying to tie up some loose ends before I release it. There you have it. Qtracker will once again be the easiest/quickest way to host/join a game for the community. Hopefully the major JK news sites eventually post my news that I've e-mailed them. Later is better than never, I suppose.
  12. I e-mailed Ron Mercer, the mastermind behind Qtracker this morning and I already received a response. Below is our conversation through e-mail. My message to him: I'm a long time fan of Qtracker, I've used it for multiple games in the past, but now that I'm home for summer break from college, I download Qtracker and try to play my favorite 2 games, Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight and Jedi Knight: Mysteries of the Sith and I soon to discover that those games no longer work with Qtracker for some odd reason. I remembered that they used to ping the servers that were posted on the old jediBoard at http://www.jediknight.net/servers but when I try to go there and add a game using that method, it doesn't work either. This leads me to believe that there is some sort of error with the CGI files over at http://www.jediknight.net and that is why Qtracker won't work with these games as well. I've contacted them on their feedback forum about the error but they don't seem interested in responding. I understand that this is no fault of your own, but I was hoping, that since you thanked the creator of the jediBoard in your Author Info (Danbeck), that you may have some way of contacting him to ask him to fix the error or that you would be able to yourself. I understand that there aren't as many people playing these old games that I play, as there are playing newer games, but there are a few of us left out here that enjoy using Qtracker/jediBoard more than the Zone or Gamespy Arcade and would very much appreciate it if this kick-ass combo were to work again. His response: ReAcToR, Ah, thanks for sticking with me for so long. Dan and I keep in touch quite often and he's been aware of the issue for awhile now and hasn't resolved it. He intends to, but he's busy. I just released a program called QtUplink which we could use instead of the jediBoard. It would need to be modified to work with JK and MotS, but it could easily be done. Actually, I put this on my to-do list last week. I had planned on releasing a new version after I got Neverwinter Nights so I can confirm my support works with the retail version which just hit the stores. QtUplink is easy to install and use. You just launch it, pick the type of server you plan to run, specify your geographic region, minimize it and forget about it. As long as QtUplink is running, whenever it detects you've got a server running it will automatically post it to the Qtracker Masters so Qtracker users will see it. Best of all, it only posts active servers, unlike jediBoard. Anyways, I think that's probably the best solution since I wrote the program and can control it. I'll update it and get a new QtUplink out this weekend. Thanks for writing. --- Ron Mercer the_DM-Ohio http://www.qtracker.com
  13. Now that Hyperview is dead/down, what has happened to the hundreds upon hundreds of levels that were on the website? Some of those levels were exclusive only to Hyperview. Can someone here or someone from the staff please post a link to where I can download all of the files from Hyperview so that I can store them on CD. Hopefully Hyperview hasn't pulled a Jedi Knight Outpost and shutdown operations before people could download all of the levels that were only available at their website.
  14. I didn't get a response on the feedback forum, so I'll try it out here... I've noticed that for quite some time now, the jediBoard (JK/MotS and XWA), hasn't been operational. I'm curious as to whether or not the staff intends to fix the error or if they're planning on killing it off. I've been using the jediBoard for years and there are still many of us out there that would like to continue using it. If you folks are unable to fix it due to time or lack of knowledge, maybe you could let me take a look at the CGI/HTML files and see what I can come up with. I'm no expert when it comes to CGI/Perl but I will learn if that's what it will take to get the jediBoard back up. If I'm unable to fix the problem myself, I'll seek help from a few programmer friends of mine. Please respond here or e-mail me at badimo@bellsouth.net. Long live the jediBoard! Long live QTracker!
  15. Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight Deathmatch ¤ Nar Shaddaa Loading Terminal ¤ Bespin Mining Station ¤ Blades of Death ¤ Canyon Oasis ¤ The Valley of the Jedi Tower ¤ Battleground Jedi As you can see, I enjoy each of the LEC DM levels equally. There are many great addon levels that I enjoy as well, but that's another topic. Capture the Flag ¤ The Arena of Dark and Light ¤ The Challenge at Nar Shaddaa (large level open) As you can see, I enjoy only 2/3 of the LEC CTF levels. I feel that the first level isn't good for anything other than 1v1 and CTF just isn't CTF unless you're playing 2v2. The teams in The Challenge at Nar Shaddaa are quite uneven if you don't have 'large level opened.' Meaning that the Concussion Rifle is more quickly accessible to the gold team, and so is the Supershield (which most people don't use anyways in competitive CTF). LEC tried to even this out by giving the red team quick access to 2 Rail Detonators, but that doesn't quite even things out for long range attacks and it doesn't even out the Supershielf advantage. Nope, large level opened is the only way to go. I won't post my favorite Jedi Knight: Mysteries of the Sith levels because I can't remember the names of them all and I don't feel like looking.
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