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  1. Either way, there is no limit that I am aware of now.
  2. There used to be a 100 MB limit, but that got lifted when they were preparing to switch to paid mods, and it never got reinstated. So I guess one good thing came of that debacle... Anyway, TSLRCM is 330 MB on the Workshop, so you should be good.
  3. It's about as easy as easy gets. Just click on the "Browse the Workshop" button located in the TSL page on your Steam Library, click on the mod you want, and then click "Subscribe." Steam automatically downloads and installs from there. Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show)
  4. The PC Steam version also got updated. Native widescreen support up to 5K resolution, full controller support and Steam Workshop(for easier mod installation). Only TSLRCM and M4-78 Enhancement are on there now, but this might make things easier for future play throughs.
  5. I think I am on the opposite side of the coin from your opinion. I think that TFU's story itself(haven't played the sequel) was serviceable enough given that a lot of the time between RotS and ANH is unknown, but the gameplay was utter crap. They ballooned the force powers up to the point where they were barely recognizable while simultaneously using an arcade beat-em-up model that made the lightsaber look only slightly less effective than the baseball bat in Double Dragon. Throw in the stupid QT finishers that I found annoying enough in God of War, and I quickly realized that the only thing that kept me playing the game was the story. Definitely glad I waited for the game to hit the bargain bins. But at least TFU had a good reason for ripping off the aesthetic of the movies. It took place in the same era. SWTOR has no such excuse. So while the stylized graphics doesn't bother me as much as it does the OP(though still not my preference), the lazy choice to rip off the movies rather than come up with their own aesthetic (which they had already developed in KOTOR!) does. Does it bother me enough to prevent me from buying the game? Perhaps not on its own, but it does act as a bit of a warning sign that SWTOR might not be the kind of game I'm interested in. So I'm taking a wait and see stance at the moment. EDIT: annnnd I just realized that I only looked at the month of that post and not the year. Aren't my cheeks red.
  6. Ever hear of Baldur's Gate 2? NWN was never about the story, it was about the Toolset. Bad example.
  7. I'm with whoever has the biggest wallet.
  8. Meh. I'm more of a RP kind of guy who likes to throw PvP into the mix. For me, end game raiding is a game killer. Once everyone gets there, suddenly none of your friends are around because they are always raiding. The end game is what made me quit WoW. I got sick of everyone always chasing the next drop so they could stay competitive instead of actually enjoying the game.
  9. The Millenium Falcon's chase through the astroid field wasn't signifigant enough for you? Other than the Death Star run, that was pretty much the iconic space combat scene for me.
  10. I seriously doubt that Lucas Arts would allow player action to affect canon. It would be like canonizing fanfics. Besides, what if there are multiple servers? Which one is canon?
  11. Yar-El: Since you are inexperienced with MMOs, let me tell you about saving. There really isn't a need for it for the most part. It's hard to really "fail" at anything, since you can always try again and again until you succeed. In most MMOs, the only thing lost by a "failure" is time, and possibly a little bit of experience. There are exceptions to this, however. In Eve Online, if you die you lose your ship and everything in it. Insurance can cover some of the cost, but not even close to all of it when it comes to higher tier equipment. This isn't really a bad thing though, as it provides a natural cash sink to balance the crafter economy. The only time it truly hurts a player to die is when they buy beyond their means, so that they are too broke to replace the ship. At any rate, TOR isn't likely to have that particular feature(though I would love to be able to collect the lightsabers of the jedi I kill), so you can rest assured that this MMO will work out just fine without a save feature.
  12. Ah, but you assume that we are the target audience, which we are definitely not. The target audiences are MMO players and Star Wars fans, in that order. It has to be, because the likelihood of hooking a gamer that hasn't already fallen for another MMO already is pretty slim. The number of people that actually have KOTOR in their minds other than it being "a pretty good game I played a few years ago" isn't really that big, and certainly not enough to pay for a MMO server for a very long time. Since the writer for the original KOTOR is busy with other projects(though I suppose he could have worked on it a bit in the past if they really have been working on this for a couple of years), I imagine that there are only two reasons that the game takes place in the Old Republic at all. The Galactic Civil War era is already covered by SWG, and the Old Republic era gives them a more or less blank slate on which to write. The fact that it is not too incredibly distant in events from the KOTOR games is just a matter of circumstance. All that said, I still plan to give the game a shot(hopefully in Beta). I actually do enjoy MMOs occasionally and even enjoyed WoW for a time. If Bioware can make a game world(galaxy) that is as detailed as WoWs, with combat that feels like it came out of one of the movies(like they claim to be doing) and with good PvP options(I dislike role playing without the option of PvP) then I will probably enjoy it for a while at least. Of course, if it turns into a raidfest like WoW ended up doing, my enjoyment will likely wain as all of my friends get caught up in raid fever. Despite what some people think, you don't need to raid in WoW. There are tons of other things to do if you take the freaking blinders off.
  13. The fact that EA suits are chiming in on a Bioware game that isn't even in Alpha yet makes me think that, as a significant RPG developer, Bioware is on its last legs. I may be wrong, but usually when the publisher has that tight a rein over the developer, the end product suffers. I'm starting to go from guardedly optimistic to mildly apathetic.
  14. Oh well. I suppose I will find a way to enjoy the game anyway... somehow...
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