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  1. Kurgan do you plan to play Star Wars battlefield (Dice)? It looks promising.

  2. How's it hanging, home slice?

  3. bumpity. Any chance you have the plumberman picture?

  4. Hey Stormie. Do you happen to have a picture of that galactic plumberman alliance guy that Vagabond and I used to chat about like 10 years ago? It was this odd creature with goggles. I think he had something to do with the Episode 1 game. I can't find him anywhere. Let me know.


    Hope all's well.



  5. MotS looks surprisingly good at 1080 x 1920 on a 32" HDTV on a desk. A pity the legacy sound is only 16-bit. Still plays great. Nothing with MotS tempo and depth has come along in the last twelve years.
  6. My answer is: MOTS is $2.99 on Steam, and it runs flawlessly on Win7.
  7. Kurgie! Do you play Battlefront 2? Let me know.

  8. any word on whether MOTS runs on Windows 7 ? Thinking about a Force run down memory lane. May the Force Be With You.
  9. It was a small game actually, Reclaimer. All told only five people that I saw dropped in. Not a whole lot of MotS players to be found on Gamespy Arcade. But MotS gameplay is so good that you don't even notice its antiquated graphics. Oh and in case you were wondering the outcome : Actually this is just one round. Kurg tore me a new one a few times as well.
  10. If you are a qtracker user you can now automatically connect to MotS games through a web browser. If someone has posted an appropriately formated URL linking to their MotS game, all you do is copy it and paste it into a browser and qtracker will automatically launch and connect to the MotS game. Pretty slick. URL syntax is as follows : qtracker://ip:port?game=gametype&action=actiontype Details for each portion of the URL can be found on the Qtracker Website
  11. Good games Kurg. MotS is still the best even after years of not playing!
  12. we're still kickin' it in Gamespy Arcade MotS lobby as of 5:00 pm EST. Anyone who wants, come on in and join.
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