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  1. Yes, Zaarin trapped into this lack of cloak + hyperdrive. According to wiki, Thrawn let him steal the corvette and when he jumped to the hyperspace....boom . So, it would be also nice if cloak capable units could not enter hyperspace too......
  2. Yadiel, check the wiki . All the cases you mention are in there. Only stygium crystals devices were for pure cloak abilty as it meant to be.
  3. The truth is that im not in the "lore" stuff too much, but i had to read about the cloak ability due to TIE Phantom. Yet again, in my opinion, some ships must be able to do this asteroid-field and not all as you have currently by default. Also, ships with cloak ability must require the player to put its hand deeply in the wallet ... Anyway, going to check that armor planting/point defense stuff....
  4. Sorry if this has been answer before, im kind of busy modding EaW now... Anyway, after updating myself with the preview (hands up on wedge ), ive read that..... wait, ill copy paste it : I think there's something wrong in here. First of all, i leave apart the fact that the Cloaking technology has a very specific backround concerning the crystals deposit for it and bla bla bla (check wiki). So, no "pirate" can have such ships from Black Market and moreover have them "in bulk", while the Empire itself had difficulty in implementing this tech to its ships (TIE Phantom for example)... Anyway, cloaking device does not mean that the ship can rush on a 20klm-radius asteroid without been harmed.......i mean, cloak doesn't vaporizes the ship and then it gathers all the vapors into a united form. I've seen this in the trailer too but i said, hey, it's just an early trailer, but after that confirmation.... Cloak tech, like in real life (there are tech under research for full cloak and not only radar-stealth units, google it), makes a ship invisible, not inexistent. To put it short, cloak capable ships must be affected both from asteroid fields and other objects. Must be corrected, in my humble opinion.
  5. Roger, im now updated . Well, i guess the answer of "MC frigate" is really loosy, since there are many MC variants.
  6. MC40-A Lulsa is the weekest MC variant if you are referring at it.
  7. Darth Vader is in a "Devastator" Star Destroyer in Total Realism mod, with "concentrate firepower" and "tractor beam" abilities. We just couldnt see this guy making all the slave work.......i mean, he's darth vader, he cant be flying around with a pitiful tie fighter (even if it's advanced)
  8. 56k is the most stable techs out there. You just trade stability with speed. .....well, personally i prefer speed
  9. YES, YES, YES! TR is 1000% compatible with patch 1.04! I always knew those guys in Petro care about our nerves !
  10. lol, sageking, bad timing mate, the fans where ahead from you . Anyway, rushing for download.... [edit] LOL, is it me, or Petroglyph's servers started to crawl ? My dl speed keep falling from 99KB.s (max 1mbps) and falling....... Hold the lines people as soon as we rescue the file!! [edit2] I have it! Evacuating server...
  11. ATI RAdeon XTX1900 Even ASUS 7900 doesn't reach its lowest perfomances. Besides, the first costs around 350 euros/dollars, the seconds costs 700 euros/dollars... It's all about your budget and how much you're willing to pay to get something according to your needs.
  12. It's a matter of how they treat customers and the results. Especially if other games will be strolling around that time (since Q2 and Q4 of a year is the period when most games are released).
  13. Eclipse might be a "back-round" unit, just like DSII. As for Executor, it's obviously made with low health so you can watch how spectacularly it's destroyed. But even if the final values seem to you "low", it's a matter of an xml value tweaking. However, what im worried is about the maneuverability of those SS classes....simple, they jump in the map and cant do nothing, just firing (since they're covering 70% of map).......and if it jumps with all the hardpoints looking on the other side of where the enemy is placed.......
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