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  1. Yes, Zaarin trapped into this lack of cloak + hyperdrive. According to wiki, Thrawn let him steal the corvette and when he jumped to the hyperspace....boom . So, it would be also nice if cloak capable units could not enter hyperspace too......
  2. Yadiel, check the wiki . All the cases you mention are in there. Only stygium crystals devices were for pure cloak abilty as it meant to be.
  3. The truth is that im not in the "lore" stuff too much, but i had to read about the cloak ability due to TIE Phantom. Yet again, in my opinion, some ships must be able to do this asteroid-field and not all as you have currently by default. Also, ships with cloak ability must require the player to put its hand deeply in the wallet ... Anyway, going to check that armor planting/point defense stuff....
  4. Sorry if this has been answer before, im kind of busy modding EaW now... Anyway, after updating myself with the preview (hands up on wedge ), ive read that..... wait, ill copy paste it : I think there's something wrong in here. First of all, i leave apart the fact that the Cloaking technology has a very specific backround concerning the crystals deposit for it and bla bla bla (check wiki). So, no "pirate" can have such ships from Black Market and moreover have them "in bulk", while the Empire itself had difficulty in implementing this tech to its ships (TIE Phantom for example)... Anyway, cloaking device does not mean that the ship can rush on a 20klm-radius asteroid without been harmed.......i mean, cloak doesn't vaporizes the ship and then it gathers all the vapors into a united form. I've seen this in the trailer too but i said, hey, it's just an early trailer, but after that confirmation.... Cloak tech, like in real life (there are tech under research for full cloak and not only radar-stealth units, google it), makes a ship invisible, not inexistent. To put it short, cloak capable ships must be affected both from asteroid fields and other objects. Must be corrected, in my humble opinion.
  5. Roger, im now updated . Well, i guess the answer of "MC frigate" is really loosy, since there are many MC variants.
  6. MC40-A Lulsa is the weekest MC variant if you are referring at it.
  7. Darth Vader is in a "Devastator" Star Destroyer in Total Realism mod, with "concentrate firepower" and "tractor beam" abilities. We just couldnt see this guy making all the slave work.......i mean, he's darth vader, he cant be flying around with a pitiful tie fighter (even if it's advanced)
  8. 56k is the most stable techs out there. You just trade stability with speed. .....well, personally i prefer speed
  9. YES, YES, YES! TR is 1000% compatible with patch 1.04! I always knew those guys in Petro care about our nerves !
  10. lol, sageking, bad timing mate, the fans where ahead from you . Anyway, rushing for download.... [edit] LOL, is it me, or Petroglyph's servers started to crawl ? My dl speed keep falling from 99KB.s (max 1mbps) and falling....... Hold the lines people as soon as we rescue the file!! [edit2] I have it! Evacuating server...
  11. ATI RAdeon XTX1900 Even ASUS 7900 doesn't reach its lowest perfomances. Besides, the first costs around 350 euros/dollars, the seconds costs 700 euros/dollars... It's all about your budget and how much you're willing to pay to get something according to your needs.
  12. It's a matter of how they treat customers and the results. Especially if other games will be strolling around that time (since Q2 and Q4 of a year is the period when most games are released).
  13. Eclipse might be a "back-round" unit, just like DSII. As for Executor, it's obviously made with low health so you can watch how spectacularly it's destroyed. But even if the final values seem to you "low", it's a matter of an xml value tweaking. However, what im worried is about the maneuverability of those SS classes....simple, they jump in the map and cant do nothing, just firing (since they're covering 70% of map).......and if it jumps with all the hardpoints looking on the other side of where the enemy is placed.......
  14. It better require EaW and not be stand-alone. Because, if it is stand-alone, the guys in LEC will be laughing at us while eating hamburgers and saying "Ho ho, they paid 50 bucks to buy an intetionally unfinished game and now they're paying 50 bucks to get the finished one, ho ho!" ..............
  15. No, no, didn't mean this way, since this would mess everything up. I mean before initiating a space battle, the console could give both players 1 min (for example) to arrange their lines. Obviously, you can't jump anywhere on the map cause there's high possibility that you jump on the enemy space station (it's 50%-50% after all where the station is placed) . But, for example, when the battle is initiated i am given the half side of the map to jump in so, i place my broadsides on the flanks, 1-2 on the left and right corners, and the assault ships in the middle. Currently, when a space battle is initiated all your forces jump into on pre-defined circle area.....this is what im mentioning out .
  16. Starcraft, C&C, Warcraft and similar RTS belong to the spamfest, arcadish, "old-school" RTS, and im not the only to have this opinion. With the Rebellion i emphasize diplomacy . As for space battle, apart from picking your starting forces, it would be very handy to have two more options: 1) Arrange your forces on the map, like in ground, without a battle initiated. 2) Being able to enter a system from different sides. Obviously, if you attack always on the same size, #1 feature is useless.
  17. Anarch, i guess you're referring to ground forces since we've seen some new ones in space. Well, T3B, torpedoe launcher and Hover Troop Transport (as seen in Force Commader) are some to think of....... And oh, didnt you notice the pirate fighter in ground? Hey, this is stolen from mods (yet it will be cool to see, since devs can make these better)!
  18. Well, instant damage and no diplomacy already cut my knees (the answer on mod-compliance was the final shot ), but your expression about "tactical battles enhancements" seems to be hiding something....... As for the maps, yes, i did notice plenty of decoration (maybe destructable?) in contrast to current maps. And about the base-controlling, it does offer some advantages (like putting some ATATs in front lines)....i hope we can pick our starting forces in space too. As for the rest, since building garissons are implemented, then it will cetrainly boost gameplay, especially if town-planets are filles with many buildings. Ill keep an eye on FoC, you never know what's going to happen in progress.
  19. I know "it's too early to say anything" but ill spit it out and i hope some good developer (*cough cough*) read this. Also, some good answers would be preferred, rather than a simple copyrighted grin . The main question, to clear things from begining it this: Is EaW:FoC made for "hardcore" RTS players, who like Total War, Rebellion and other "complex" RTS, or is it made for RTS players, who like C&C, Starcraft, Warcraft and (take cover) SW:Empire at War games? I guess this is very clear & straight and there's no need to have a finished game in your hands to reveal it; it's simply the prospects you set from begining. Now, i liked that troop transports are implemented, plus other new stuff on GC mode (like some short of base-micromanagement) and new units, but what about: 1. Instant damage . In other words, your ship/unit remains damaged until repaired on GC on special structures or repair drones/ships jump into the heat of battle to repair "healable at battle" damages. Obviously, if you have your half bridge floating in space and your batteries accompanying your trail, then the ship must be repaired in a shipyard or something... 2. Diplomacy . Okey, 1st priority for me, don't know for rest...will everything be again automatically triggered, wether you call it sabotage, assasin or bribe? For instance, i bribe Vader -extreme example, ok - and cause a code says that "if bribe=very good, then ok", we're done? Just accept and deny? No counter-attacks, punishement, give & take negotiations etc ????? 3. Challenging AI . Need to analyse this? 4. Maps complexity . Although 40% bigger (still small to me, hope map edittor will make short work of this), will they be with more strategic meaning? For example, with choke-points, trap-good points, artillery barrage installements etc? Also, make them more alive, vivid....you know, not 2 banthas strolling around, and one rock here and there; make them state-of-art... 5. Space maps complexity . Ok, this must be listed separately, for "obvious" reasons....please, no more nebulas, no more asteroids, no more chunks, no more "my base is in this corner, his' in the other"....i know, space maps have completely different philosophy than the ground ones, but you can import new space buildings that indirectly define the space maps; ie. "space shield" turrets, that block a ship to enter, or jamming devices that confuse enemy's minimap and show non-real statistics. 6. In conjuction with above and cause i read that buildings (it was bunkers to be precise, i hope we don't play with words here...) can be garissoned, will there be strategic enhancement in tactical combat, for example height-bonus (firing from above), getting covered in trees or in rivers etc etc. 7. And, to continue with tactical battle enhancement, what could definitely boost up space tactical space battles is the ability to change the Z-level of ships; yes, this is not true-3d system, it's still based on 2.5d lanes, but it will give much more freedom to players than the current traffic-jam we're having... 8. Referring to GC micromanagement, a very cool feature is to be able to jump into your planet installements, in real-time, even if no battle is trigerred. It will give more freedom so that you can build turrets/sensor nodes on the build pads, and not running the last momenet (ie. when battle begins) to do so... 9. And last, but not least for all modders out there, will EaW:FoC be compliant with current mods? This doesnt seem unlikely to me, since FoC is based on EaW engine and (even) files. Most (if not all) mods refer to current factions and their current units so, it should be matter of a good (and painfull ofcourse......don't want even to think about it but i have to ) merging on newest xmls, dat, tga, dds and lua files, right? At least if you dont change the format or the xml's structure. For example, i noticed that rock-scissors-paper will remain, but that's "fixable".....and it will be more easily fixed, if we can easily merge our current modifications. I think we can get even a simple "yes or no" to all the above.... Well, everyone feel free to fill the list.
  20. Although i stated my opinion above, i do believe that developers shouldn't be put a hang in their necks, move on a small chair where hardly can step and code on their computers...(Torpid: hmm...."10 ways for fully efficient game developement ) Moving a little "out of the line" and don't stick to SW Expanded Universe leaves many spaces for devs to move around; new units, new worlds, new stories. Besides, Force Commander used a simple story of two brothers that joined Empire, unknown to the rest SW "universe", but the storyline was (personally) frigging nice for a first 3D RTS. So, you don't know anything about that new rogue who wants an 11-size SSD. In the end, he might turn to rebels and save galaxy from a X,Y,Z,... threat. Or turn to empire. Or move on and become new emperor. Or wreack havoc in galaxy with piracy. Non-linear storylines are, nontheless, in fashion afterall .
  21. I am keeping my hands out of this, till i see the bones of it. Diplomacy, instant damage, decent AI, many units plus all the 1000++ requests in LF and PFF forums must be fulfiled. I am afraid that since this x-pack is based on EaW engine, we'll get nothing new just a bunch of new units... Although that "threat" feature hints diplomacy, i doubt if it's the depth of Total War or Rebellion. And yes, im not a starcraft-C&C-or-any-other-spamfest-arcadish RTS player...
  22. Both interdictor and ATAA missile jamming field ranges are originally too small to see the effect. Just increase it and enjoy .
  23. Count me in. At last, some professional job done by professionals and not blind stormies .
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