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  1. Huntmode is nuts. I played as Jawas vs. Tuskens. All 50 of the Tuskens died, while we lost one Jawa. I was even there to see the Jawa die from a quick burst of fire from a Tusken. Other than that it was total slaughter.
  2. Unfortunately, no one ever seems to want to help around here. It sucks, I really want to play online pretty bad.
  3. Hello Everyone. I have a problem with playing this game online with my Playstation 2. I can connect and everything and I choose I game to join and it loads it up. Then it says Conecting to host.... for a minute or so then it says connection to host lost. I was wondering why this keeps happening to me? Am I just losing the connection with the game host or my own internet host? Is there anyway to fix either of these problems? Or is it something else entirely? I would really really enjoy the help.
  4. Can anyone help me out and tell me what is wrong?
  5. I got 102 kills on Bespin the other day Clones Vs. Droids. Really good battle in the Extractor tunnels. Very hard.
  6. Hello everyone. I need some help with this whole online thing. I have all my connections correct and I can get online. In fact, I get as far as seeing all the games I can load. After some figuring I'm guessing that I can't join PC dedicated games but I can join PS2 dedicated ones and non dedicated ones. So I go to join one of those and it goes by the normal loading screen. Then it gives me a background of the chosen planet and it says "Waiting for Players". Then after a short period of time (about a minute or less) I get a big blue message saying "Connection to Host lost". Am I doing anything wrong? Whenever I go to look for a game pretty much everything says any as well. Can someone please help me out? My great thanks in advance. I'm playing this on the Playstation Two by the way.
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