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  1. It has been many many years since I posted here. I remember having numerous posting battles with users here - the name agenterminator comes to mind. I have good memories of this place
  2. CaptainRAVE


    My last visit was about 4 years ago Any oldies still around?
  3. Haha, just got an email. This is an old thread! Memories
  4. This is an old thread to revive! How the hell did you find it. I replied to this about 8 years ago!!! Still, bring back memories
  5. HELP! I recently changed from an fx-57 to dual core after owning the fx-57 for a few months. It worked great, so I decided to sell it. The guy thanked me, but then 1 1/2 months later he emails me to tell me its not booting up? He filed a complaint through paypal, but the they obviously werent interested. What do you think I should do, what can he even do? He probably overclocked it. I've moved over here from the UK, so dont really know how things work. Thanks
  6. www.gamerankings.com and search for either
  7. to my second question, will I be able to ship it back to the UK in a years time when I leave the US (obviously I need to know this before I build it), do any of you have any experiences doing this, perhaps selling big items on ebay etc??
  8. newegg is certainly very very good......to my second question, will I be able to ship it back to the UK in a years time when I leave the US (obviously I need to know this before I build it), do any of you have any experiences doing this, perhaps selling big items on ebay etc?? Another question, what do you all think of the voodoo pcs/laptops?? Cheers!!
  9. Im in the US for a year and want to build a pc....which are the best websites....in the UK we have websites such as overclockers.co.uk and ebuyer.co.uk....what are available over here? Also, because I am only here for a year, will I be able to ship it back to the UK when I go home?? Thanks guys!!
  10. Just go to http://www.prosieben.de/games_handy/onlinegames/yetisports/games/ for all of the yeti games.
  11. Well if I can repair windows, and remove that stupid crack I've used then I'll b able to use the proper activation key! By the way.thanks very much guys!!!!! Excellent as always!
  12. How would I go about re-installing windows?
  13. Its a custom pc. The version on windows is one that i bought, and it is a proper serial number!
  14. Is it possible to play parts of yeti sports on their own?? I really really want to play flamingo drive and seal bounce without having to do all of the other sports.
  15. Heres the problem: I installed windows Xp Home edition onto my new pc (not the one im posting this from). I activated it with the product code, and it said windows had been activated. Everytime I went into windows it said that it needed to be activated, however, when i did go to activate it, a box came up confirming windows had already been activated. So, this was getting a bit annoying, so I used a crack to stop this box comming up (silly I know). So now, 30 days on windows is saying it needs to be activated (again), however, when I click either yes or no nothing happens. I go to log in and it just keeps comming up saying it needs to be activated. Help! im in a bit of a loop here!! If needs be I could re-install windows. But im not sure how to do this anyway!
  16. Max I can get is 1095.4 ^^Playing the original again now though which was posted earlier.
  17. http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&cid=797&ncid=763&e=10&u=/eo/20050128/en_tv_eo/15804 "He further commented that if anything SpongeBob was asexual" - I love that bit....referring to the fact that sponges are asexual!!! And anyway, So what if he was? He's a fricken cartoon and he's not going to be having sex with another cartoon. Those who are outraged against 'him' need lives. There have been so much 'outing' of childrens characters lately. These idiots need to get a life and re-read the parts of the Bible about judging others. Children don't have a concept of sexuality anyway. They certainly do not see two friends holding hands as conclusive proof that there is some gay sex going on. Heck if we took all gay influence out of the media, we'd have no decent TV, music or movies anyway. If they weren't busy demonizing and judging what else would they have to do with their time?
  18. 987.9 "May contain scenes of blood, Viewer Discretion is advise" - more like scenes of red dots and red lines....you only see it as blood because of your twisted minds! And how come whatever score you get, its just says its, "OK". I thought my score was pretty dam good!
  19. I like the Jessica Simpson quote "I thought penguins could fly already"!
  20. My old sagem phone used to have 12 to overide the lock aswell. I never quite worked out why. Wouldnt be much use in an emergency!
  21. http://www.thesun.co.uk/article/0,,2-2005041560,00.html
  22. Now this is stuff that needs the death penalty: Just walking around with thoughts like "That girl I robbed was cute, I should ask her out". How does he help society? Is he really going to find the cure for aids or cancer? (Not counting testing it on him) He does have a good 25 year old heart, lets give it to a 70 year old doctor working on the cure for cancer or aids, even if he doesn't need it just yet. Keep a spare on ice. Ok, he does have a right to live and I am a bit extreme. But only a little. I hope in prison he earns his doctrine in something so he at least contribute to society or breaks even.
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