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  1. bumpity. Any chance you have the plumberman picture?

  2. Hey Stormie. Do you happen to have a picture of that galactic plumberman alliance guy that Vagabond and I used to chat about like 10 years ago? It was this odd creature with goggles. I think he had something to do with the Episode 1 game. I can't find him anywhere. Let me know.


    Hope all's well.



  3. You 'choose' light side from the very start of the game, by selecting light-side powers, and not killing any NPCs, like civilians or droids. It has a moral style of play - so if you go around killing everything on every level, and choose Dark Side powers, then when it comes to the choice between Light and Dark, the game chooses for you based on your past actions. Why not simply play through to see the Dark Side ending - then go back and replay the game with all Light Side powers, and being nice to everyone?
  4. I mostly play games without music in the background these days. I prefer to get more 'immersed' in the game environment, so I prefer more 'ambient sounds' to music. However, JK is one of the games I'll make an exception. I keep the music low in the background. I'm not sure what your problem is BawBag, because I've not had a problem turning the music down. I use Win98SE and an SB Live soundcard. Maybe you need to update your sound drivers or something. Anyway, good luck with your problem.
  5. I think your best bet is to contact Lucasarts Technical Support directly. If you know it's not compatible with laptops, then there's probably not a great deal you can do about that. As for 'bad clusters' on your other PC. If you use Scandisk it should mark them as bad, and you should still be able to use that hard disk. However, I would suggest getting a replacement hard disk in the near future, because as soon as bad clusters start appearing, it usually means the hard disk is going to fail some time in the near future. Hope you've backed up what you need to...
  6. Yeah, what Dawidos said. The best tactic is to stop Jerec from getting to the tower at all. And as for not following him up - you can use that tactic, but you can also follow him up straight away, and just as he's going into meditation, keep attacking him to break his concentration. You do, however, have to still stop the statues from getting close to the tower, or it's game over...
  7. Yes, they are definitely not indestructable. You have to time your attacks just right. I think a trick I used was dodging behind a wall, waiting for them to leap past, and strike. You have to be very alert, and sidestep quickly to avoid their attacks. Strike them from behind if you can, and they will soon go down. Perseverence is the key.
  8. No, it's definitely not the switch on the top-most level. It's either the next one down, or the one after that. Hitting the top switch will empty the tank completely, and you mustn't do that, or you would not be able to use the walkway inside. There has to be enough fuel left in the bottom so that it is level with the doorway.
  9. I think JA's Force progression system is probably better than JK's. It seems to make more sense that you gradually improve certain Force powers each level, now that there are only 3 levels per power. Having said that...JK did provide more of an incentive to find all of the secrets on a level by tying it into the Force power progression. Perhaps for JA they should have considered another kind of 'reward' for finding all the secrets.
  10. The original Jedi Knight is still a great game...and as I've stated elsewhere, as far as SP goes I rank them thus... 1. Jedi Knight 2. Jedi Outcast 3. Jedi Academy The characterisation and 'depth' to the Jedi Knight story has not been surpassed by it's sequels, IMHO. Of course the game is definitely showing it's age, especially in graphical terms. However, the level design (linear as it is), the NPCs (simplistic as they are), and the moral code of play, are all still great to experience. It will always remain one of my all-time favourite games.
  11. If I remember correctly, you only have to go down one or two levels, and hit one switch to bring the fuel up to your level, and empty the big tank. You can check how full or empty the tank is because there is a display on one of the walls in that facility which shows the fuel level. Just keep persevering, it's not that difficult to get it balanced right. Remember that you will also need the T shaped keys...which are placed on that level.
  12. Of course she's hot. Why do you think I revamped her DF incarnation in this pic.
  13. JK (SP) is still one of my favourite games of all time, and is truly a classic. I really like JO (SP) as well, especially the variety of gameplay and improved saber combat, but JK still has the edge over it in terms of overall design and capturing the 'feel' of Star Wars. Hopefully they'll remedy JO's shortcomings in JA. As for the Mods currently in progress...I can't wait to see them in action. The DF demo was excellent, and DF2E is looking pretty sweet at the moment.
  14. I always play through a game on Medium first, just to get a feel for it. Like some others here, though, I've played through JK several times on the Hard setting. Sticking to the lightsaber makes it more challenging. And Jedi Boxing is fun too. That's how I took out the Gamorrean guards in MotS the first time I played it...you just have to be fleet of foot to avoid their staves. I have to admit I haven't completed either JK or MotS just using fists, though...but then, I've never really sat down and tried. The best way I found of tackling Boc is to circle-strafe him as fast as possibl
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