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  1. I ditto that. It also serves to highlight that many myths and legends have some basis in fact. It also begs the question - if we decimate the world's resources and basically turn it into vast tracts of desert, will we all eventually shrink to a couple of feet in height - or even return to being the rodent-like mammals from which we originally (according to theory) evolved? Is evolution, in fact, simply the capacity for any animal to adapt to change - and could we eventually lose our capacity for 'intelligence' as we revert to lower forms of life that might be more successful in a hostile environment?
  2. I guess it depends on how far you're willing to dig back into the past to get an enjoyable movie experience. It also depends on the particular genres you like... Anyway, I'd recommend these... Science Fiction Blade Runner Forbidden Planet The War Of The Worlds The Time Machine (60's version) The Invisible Man (30's version with Claude Raines) King Kong (original 30's version) Soylent Green A Boy And His Dog Planet Of The Apes (original with Charlton Heston) THX 1138 2001: A Space Odyssey Solaris (original Russian version) The Thing (from Another World) The Day The Earth Stood Still The Day The Earth Caught Fire Total Recall Equilibrium The Incredible Shrinking Man The Abyss: Special Edition This Island Earth (hehe) Pitch Black Mad Max Silent Running Invasion Of The Body Snatchers (original BW version) Minority Report War The Boat (German - better to see the full series rather than the 'condensed' film) Apocalypse Now (original rather than Redux) Dirty War Where Eagles Dare Kelly's Heroes Guns Of Navarone The Dirty Dozen Battle Of The Bulge Zeppelin The Hill Saving Private Ryan Westerns Heaven's Gate (full 4 hour version - not the crappy 'condensed' version) Once Upon A Time In The West The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Unforgiven A Fistful Of Dynamite Destry Rides Again (Jimmy Stewart on top form) Historical Braveheart The 13th Warrior Rob Roy Gladiator Henry V (Kenneth Branaugh version) Hamlet (Mel Gibson version - well, I liked it) The Brotherhood Of The Wolf (semi-fantastical but based on historical fact - French) The Horseman On The Roof (French) Le Bosu (Recent version - French) The Three Musketeers (Michael York, Oliver Reed, Albert Finney, Richard Chamberlain, version) The Four Musketeers (same cast) Fantasy Jason And The Argonauts (60s version) Dragonheart Any of the Sinbad movies Reign of Fire (crap plot but the dragons are well done) Horror An American Werewolf In London The Keep (not sure it's available on DVD) The Changeling The Man Who Haunted Himself Halloween (the original) The Thing (John Carpenter's) Life Force Tremors Deep Rising Them Scanners The Frighteners Cast A Deadly Spell (comic horror) The Evil Dead The Evil Dead II Evil Dead 3: Army Of Darkness Blade Action/General Leon (I think it's known as The Professional in the US - with Jean Reno) Lethal Weapon 1, 2 or 3 Ronin Kiss Of The Dragon Any James Bond movie True Lies (weak in the middle) The Bourne Identity The Ipcress File Highlander Timebomb (with Michael Biehn) The Edge Blind Fury The Conversation (spiritual precursor of Enemy Of The State) Kiss Me Deadly It's A Wonderful Life The Right Stuff The Silent Flute Hard Target Dante's Peak The Replacement Killers The 39 Steps (Robert Powell version) Hell, if you can't find anything out of that lot that you might like, then I give in.
  3. It looks like an elephant sat on it. A jumbled mess on tractor tires. Ugh.... *shudders*
  4. Hyperspace sucks...or blows...or something.
  5. I'm still stuck with the same 4.5 year old rig at the moment. I keep forgetting to feed the hamster, so sometimes it dies when I try something too demanding. Suffice to say, I will probably need a new rig to play RC, especially considering it uses the Unreal engine - which these days has become something of a resource hog. Ah well...
  6. Maybe Chewie was the runt of the litter.
  7. Glad to hear you had a good time. Nice pics.
  8. Yeah, happy Canada Day. Hope you all have a good time over there.
  9. The Blade movies are action flicks, pure and simple. Some of you speak as if you expect some kind of great plot with great acting. I accept the movies for what they are...a great action ride with some cool fights. I liked the first two movies, so it's probably a safe bet I'll like the third. Unless someone really manages to screw it up completely.
  10. If you've really got some serious problems with it at the moment, I'd say go for a fresh install of Windows, then install Firefox 0.9.1 and don't ever open IE. My own PC has been a bit jittery of late, so I've been thinking of doing a reinstall. Of course, I need to back up reams of data first.
  11. I'm sorry to hear about your condition. I hope the therapy really works for you. We'll keep a seat warm for you for your return. Good luck.
  12. Hey, thanks everyone. I appreciate it. Just been chilling today and taking it easy. No matter how old I get, I'll always be young at heart.
  13. I very much doubt there will be external beta testing for this game.
  14. The guy playing the game makes it look really easy - but of course he already knows the level and how to use each of the markers effectively. The game's looking good to me. Right down to the blood splats on the visor and the beam wiping the mess away. Those kinds of small details can really give a game the extra polish it needs. The only problem that was apparent in that level was the linearity - unless there were some alternative pathways that we didn't see. He also didn't take very long to destroy the objective - so hopefully that was just a small taster mission. I'm hoping that this game doesn't take just 5 or 6 hours to complete. With 15 missions, ideally I'd like each one to take over an hour to finish. I notice he didn't mention anything past vanilla MP modes, either.
  15. I noticed that in the carbonite chamber too. Of course, you are assuming it's Han and not one of your team-mates who has just been carbonised. It's hard to see in that shot.
  16. First of all, Haus, you can rest assured that this is the first I've heard about. If you were banned, then no one has informed me of the reasons. I think this is more likely to be a problem with the forums. You won't get into trouble for making this second account in order to contact us. As for your 'suggestion', I can assure you that people are never instantly banned without reason unless it's an obvious troll. Someone who steps out of line in the forums will be given warnings in regard to their behaviour, and be given ample opportunity to 'mend their ways'. I always inform someone if they are going to be banned and the reasons why, either via PM shortly before the ban or via their email (if they have one). I may even leave a notice in a thread saying why someone was banned - so that other members understand the reasons why. I'm going to talk with my fellow moderators, and probably an Admin, to try to get to the bottom of this problem for you. Just bear with us for a little while.
  17. I prefer accessibility and faster action, to be honest, and I'm not a fan of the 'heavier' tactical shooters that require micro-management of your squad and careful planning before you even start a mission or make a move. I like a more 'reactive' style of play where I have to think quickly on my feet and take quick and immediate action to counter a move by the enemy. From what I've seen of RC so far, I think it will play more to my style.
  18. The key thing I want to know is whether there is too much emphasis on vehicular combat. While I'm not averse to using vehicles, I'm still worried that the game is going to become 'vehicle heavy', and that playing the sniper or assault classes is simply lining yourself up as canon fodder. Is there a good range of cover for the 'pedestrian' classes to shield from attack from vehicles - particularly aerial vehicles? On a related note, are there some good indoor sections for these maps? Is there a limit to the number of vehicles on the maps, and how long do they take to respawn? I mean, if a heavy weapons class has justy taken down an AT-ST - are we simply going to be faced with another one straight away, or does that put the other team at a disadvantage for a good few minutes? Lastly, how easy is it to take out a vehicle with a manned turret?
  19. I'm not too worried about the gameplay. Even if all the maps prove to be static, with set trap points, etc., I don't see why that should make the game less fun. While the maps might remain the same...I believe the tactics used when playing them will not. When the game is first released, everyone will be on a pretty even footing and try certain tactics to gain the advantage, etc. Over time, as tactics become known...a different approach will be needed. Also, if the maps are well designed (and I really hope they get the design right), people will start to uncover 'blind spots' and certain tricks in using parts of the scenery to their advantage. Sometimes it comes down to players managing to do something they weren't meant to be able to do. With a range of classes available, there is always the option of trying to master a certain class, or moving onto other classes and playing the game in a completely different style than you would normally. AS suggested, some maps are probably more conducive to sniping, others to vehicular combat...but playing a different way on those maps could lead to some interesting situations. I played quite a bit of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory for a few months running - but I've pretty much kept to a particular class and using certain weapons because I'm more effective with those. However, I intend to go back to the game and try out the other classes and use different tactics - which will make the whole experience fresh.
  20. This thread does not really belong in The Sliced Tauntaun, because it's relevant to the PS2 version of Battlefront. If anyone has an issue with the way I moderate these boards, or has any queries for me, contact me via PM. I won't answer such comments in forum threads.
  21. People can use any of the smilies available on the site in their posts. That's why they're there. So stop telling other members what to do. Also...please don't SHOUT. It's impolite. P.S. Keep on topic.
  22. fps = frames per second. FPS = First Person Shooter. Capitalisation makes all the difference.
  23. I'm going to stick this thread for a while so that newcomers don't miss it. If any other clan members wish to contribute some useful information on how to run or become involved in a clan, then please feel free to post in here.
  24. I'm going to stick this thread for a while so that newcomers don't miss it. If any other clan members wish to contribute some useful information on how to run or become involved in a clan, then please feel free to post in here.
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