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  1. Actually she was pretty forthright with this. I believe after escaping Peragus, she told the exile he was the last of the jedi, and he asked what happened to them, some must have survived. She answered saying the ones that have, will not help us, so there were definately some, but they went into their own exile.
  2. Jedi can become Sith and vice versa Bounty Hunters aren't condoned by the Republic, but that doesn't mean a private organization like the GenoHaradan who has the republic's intrest in mind can't employ Bounty Hunters. Smugglers will probably be a republic only class, but the sith empire isn't too pickey on who they employ. And there will probably be a soilder/mercenary class as well which could be swapped to either side, so it's doable.
  3. "You definitely pick and stick with a faction (Republic or Sith), but the choices you make in the game will influence your alignment. So you can be a good person who just ended up as a Sith, or a Jedi who turns to the Dark Side." I would rather there be a one time switch. If I'm a Jedi, that falls to the dark side they should allow me to join the Sith and not just be a dark jedi. Also if I'm a Sith that turns away from the dark side, I should be able to join the jedi order. Obviously you shouldn't be able to switch back and forth, but a one time swap would be cool.
  4. List some races with some possible bonus stats/feats Mandalorians +Constitution +Toughness Humans +Charisma +Weapon Finesse (both ranged/melee/lightsabers) Miralukan +Wisdom +Dueling Echani +Dexterity +Uncanny Dodge Togruta +Dexterity +Close Combat (grants bonus to ranged and melee attacks in close range) Twi'leki +Charisma +Sneak Attack Wookie +Strength +Wookie Rage (only available to wookies) Zabrak +Strength +Two Weapon Fighting Droid +Intelligence +Gear Head
  5. I agree that you'll just be a promising recruit in either faction. For the Jedi/Sith story line you'll probably have just finished your apprentice training. With he Bounty Hunter line you'll be a guy with a a blaster and a contact that thinks you have potential.
  6. I started playing WoW in May of 07', was done in about 6 months. It was fun for a while, but it wasn't very solo friendly, and I didn't know anyone who played the game. I got to about the late 30s early 40s before I decided to give it up.
  7. That makes sense Jedi-Sith Smuggler-Bounty Hunter Republic Soilder-Sith Soilder Republic Officer-Sith Officer
  8. There doesn't have to be a class whoose strength is primarily healing. Using WoW as an example, each class has several branches or skill trees you could follow. The most likely scenario to me is the jedi/sith class have a healing (consular) branch to follow.
  9. hopefully the jedi can only wear either robes or just light armor. That way there can be some balance. Although the use of light armor will probably restrict the use of force powers. Possibly more powerful Jedi Armors can be worn without restricting force powers
  10. many hair styles for males were limited because your character was a military officer. yeah the game took place in the future but it would've made little sense for your character to have long hair if he was in the military.
  11. I'll be a jedi........that turns to the dark side
  12. Why would the first 2 games be pointless? Revan destroys the star forge and the exile finds the "lost jedi."
  13. This will probably be unpopular, but I think both players should die and be martyrs. Realizing the dark side isn't the way to save the galaxy, Revan goes off into the unkown regions to face the true sith alone. He gets killed and that's when T3-M4 finds the exile. She attempts to finish Revan's mission and destroy the true sith one and for all (last remaing members of the sith species and their followers), but she too meets her end (Between the exile and Revan the wiped out all but one, the last member of the sith species).
  14. When ever I played as revan, I used two light sabers. He was too much of a bad *** to use one. When I played as the exile, I one single blade light saber (more traditional jedi look).
  15. I'd be cool with it as long as it's ot a hack n' slash game
  16. Funny how people get so pissed when someone says something along those lines. It's only frustration speaking, but 90% of the signs point in this direction. The only thing we have to cling on besides blind faith, is a lucas arts exec saying we haven't forgotten about the kotor series, which doesn't mean squat.
  17. using this logic, you would think it would have already been made. With atleast a 4 year layoff between the last game and development on this one, intrest is fading. People who were luke warm about Kotor 2, probably have little to no intrest in a third game. One of the biggest rules in buisness is, it's easier to keep an existing customer intrested than gain the intrest of a new customer.
  18. Yeah, I thought of something kinda similar. One of your part members (another Jedi) always seems to disaprove of your actions and everytime you gain light side points, he gains dark side points (and vice versa). Then at some pont in the game, there is some point of no return where you 2 are at odds and have a confrontation where one falls to the dark side.
  19. During that time there were 2 Sith Lords ving fo power, and the main difference between them was Naga Sadow wanted to expand the empire, while Ludo Kesh was content with what they had, so it wouldn't make sese that Kresh's followers would think more like Sadow.
  20. What if there was one "real" Sith left? As far as cannon goes, Naga Sadow was the last member of the species mentioned. He met his end at the hands of Freedon Nadd, after being in suspended animation for 600 years following the Great Hyper Space War. He took his Massassi warriors with him to Yavin 4, but what if the followers of Ludo Kresh (who also died in the Great Hyper Space War) and what ever remaining Sith fled to the Sith world Ziost. I think this could work story wise. Remember after the death of Marka Ragnos, Ludo Kresh was more conservative than Naga Sadow and didn't want to fight the republic, believing the Sith weren't strong enough. It only makes sense that his followers would feel the same. They could've gained enough power to reveal themselves but stayed hidden during the war of Exar Kun, because of how powerful he was. After seeing the Jedi Order weakened, they decided to trick the Mandalorians into war in order to thin the Jedi's numbers even more. Ofcourse we know the story of Revan (atleast up until Kotor I), but what if after regaining his memories he went off into unkown space and weakened them enough (with the help of the exile) that it gave the "lost jedi" enough time to rebuild the order.
  21. IMO, a Knights of the old republic game probably won't happen. Just looking at development time, unless the game is being made now, it could take around 3 years to be made. It took about 2 years to make KOTOR 2, but that was using the same engine as the previous enstallment. If they were to start making the game now, I predict the game wouldn't be ready till Christmas 2011 or so which is 7 years after the last game and there will be very little intrest in the continuation of the story. While star wars is an established brand, KOTOR wasn't established enough to survive a 7 year layoff like a series like Duke Nukem (which isn't story driven, unlike KOTOR). So what I want to know is what you guys think is most likely to happen with the series (we all want a third enstallment, but it really isn't the most likely scenario).
  22. This is impossible. KOTOR takes place approximately 4 thousand years before the battle of Yavin (Return of the Jedi) Darth Bane doesn't appear until 1000 Before the Battle of Yavin.
  23. Personally I don't know if they will make a kotor 3, but Rambo is a bad example. Like Rocky, the Rambo movies ran their course in the 80s. They stopped making sequels cause intrest was low and some 20 years later Stallone and some production company figured they could possibly hit gold one last time (I don't think either movie did too well, not sure though) * * * * I'd much rather Bioware do a Kotor III than Obsidian, after all they Kotor 2 just used the kotor 1 engine and added a few things (granted I thought the additions were great). If they can use the dialog format from Mass Effect that would be great.
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