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  1. AOWC is incredibly overpriced. However I would say they are the microsoft of game servers. They are cemented into the market, and you don't have to worry about them going anywhere. I have been on their servers and they are nothing special, but you are paying for customer service and support, and their server control panel, etc. So I guess the only time I would reccomend them is if you are A. paranoid about paying for server months in advance and them dissapearing, or B. Are a complete dumbass at running servers.
  2. if the server is full, hit tab. The number of lines down the name is is their number. However if the server is not full this may not work, because is there are only 12 people on a server, that doesnt mean that the numbers are 1-12
  3. DUDE! YOU ARE AWESOME! Thanks alot!
  4. Is there an in-game way to boot/kick players, rotate/restart maps, etc? There is a place to set adminpw in the cfgs, so I am thinking that this is like an rcon password? How do we use this? I was in a server and they were executing server commands by typing commands into chat (i am assuming after somehow entering the adminpw in to the game).
  5. Region: /netregion NA Voicemode (Direct?): /voicemode 2 No heroes: /heroes 0 Heroes parameters: /hrunlock 3 /hrunlockvalue 10 Conquest time limit: /contimelimit 20 CTF time limit: /ctftimelimit 20 Elite mode time limit: /elitimelimit 0 Hunt time limit: /huntimelimit 5 CTF cap limit: /ctfscorelimit 5 Conquest reinforcements: /conreinforcements 200 Elite reinforcements: /elireinforcements 100
  6. difficulty has to do with the locking as well because when you turn up the game difficulty it no longer gives you the auto-locking assistance. I believe that aimassist 0 is the equivalent to noaim in SWBF1
  7. /aimassist 0 /difficulty 3 got rid of all that kind of junk for me.
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