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  1. Hey man, welcome. Saw the screenshots and they are AMAZING!!! Cant wait for the finished product. I was feeling nostalgic and was playing Dark Forces on the PS2. Looks horrible when I think of what you guys are doing. Awesome game tough. Best game series ever. Please dont stop. :-)
  2. Yes, yes, yes!!! Cant wait for new detention center and Ramses Head. Im getting nervous.
  3. Dude, the screenshots are AWESOME, OMG I cant wait till its all done.
  4. Thanks, that did it. I dont know how I missed that cracked wall.
  5. yes, thats the one. Its the only area that has a locked control tower overlooking a shuttle parked on grated bridge. I will try that thanks.
  6. I ran thru all the doors as they closed and Im outside the facility, but Im stuck in a area where there is a imperial shuttle docked and a locked control tower overloking the shuttle. To the side, there is a alcove but no way out of there. What am I missing? thanks
  7. I need help. I cant find the secret shaft. After I drop to the water and out, I keep heading up and elevator to a room with a big locked door. What am I missing? thanks
  8. Just wondering what the extras are for. Is this just stuff about the game or are there things I can add to it? thanks.
  9. Get the playstation version? the idea is to play this awesome game with new visuals. I could play the Ps version too but this looks much better.
  10. cool, thanks. I remember the original not having saves...the good old days.
  11. Its not a hard game but it is a nice feature when youre almost done and youre called away to something and cant get back. Also, seems like if there was a level setting of easy, med, and hard, the default is hard. Im no noob but just wanted to point this out. If possible, please restore the gamesave. Thanks for an awesome game.
  12. I give uber kudos to those who have the skills to make the mod happen. DF is an awesome game and playing it with new visuals is amazing. I hope those working on it dont lose interest and move on. No matter how long it takes, I would love, and so do many other fans, to see it completely done. Cant wait.
  13. I nearly started crying when I came to website and saw the intro and new pics for Gromas Mines. WIll it be a whole new download? I prefer a whole new download from the first level. CANT WAIT !!!!!!!!! (sob..sob)
  14. Thanks a million for still being active on this project. I wish we could all pay you guys, thank you sooooo much. Cant wait until its all done and Im craving for the next new levels to one of the best games ever!!
  15. Good point MikeGunther. I didnt realize the legality of the situation. In any case, I wish we could compensate the awesome job done by ALL the modders. All I can say then, is thank you guys sooooooooooo much, and keep up the good work. :-)
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