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  1. =TF={GJ~SAGE} I dont know if anyone else has this problem, but our server keeps crashing all of the time. We use rapid gamer, and well the say that it is a software problem, we switched from the SWBFSM software from blackbagops, to the DS software but it is still happening liek clock work, 4-or 5 maps then crash, any thoights or what, are the guys at pandemic going to get this fixed in the patch, I mean hell we have a server that due to the game being rushed out the server software is unstable. One would think that with the deep pockets of lucas arts that they could put "thier best selling game ever" out there with out the stupid problems. So I gusse is there a fix coming anytime soon? I have 20 guys who love this game but if it is not going to be supported by the developers I know that they will find other games to play. Please for the love of the game get these stupid problems fixed. SAGE leader of the clan Team=TF=Frag
  2. Sage here from the clan =TF=, it really sucks that we have a 15 second spawn time anyways, but throw on top of that if the cp that you were going to spawn at gets taken, you have to wait another 15 seconds to spawn. that really sucks. It would be nice if that did not happen. also the splash damage needs to be increased on the rockets, I mean if a rocket blows up next to somebody they should take damage, and they dont right now. just some thoughts =TF={GJ~SAGE} leader of the clan Team=TF=Frag
  3. Hey Sage here from the clan Team=TF=Frag, what is up with the spwan times? if you lose the base that you were going ot spawn at you go to another base with a 15 second spawn time. Well that sux, it should be like SWBF in that aspect, or at least make it so you get to choose the new cp with an instant spawn time. This is just one of the main complaints that I have been hearing Sage
  4. Well after a summer break we are back for SWBF2. We have a server up and running look for "Team=TF=Frag" and come play with us. We have a great website at http://www.teamfrag.net, please go and check it out. If you are looking for a clan to join well we are not concered about skill at all (people will get better just by playing with us), email us at TeamFrag@teamfrag.net, this will get an email to our admins, and can get you more info. Join us for great fragging =TF={GJ~SAGE} leader of the clan Team=TF=Frag
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