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  1. Is this a mod or something that was already in the game?
  2. You can still mod your Xbox Version if you do a softmod or hardmod.
  3. Consoles should just have a universal media type to publish games on like cartriges were, similar to the Gd-rom, something the public cannot get. That would pretty much stop piracy unless they do what they did with GD-ROMs and start ripping!
  4. lol that would be awesome, too bad it won't have his personality! Due to a poster needlessly 'bumping' and ressurecting this old thread repeatedly, I have to close it for now. (Not Elven6, but his post was the last one in line. )If anyone wants to take up this mod PM one of the staff and we will re-open this thread. -RH
  5. Woulden't the game fixes also work on a modded xbox? Like the Fuel Quest and stuff
  6. I had this idea before, people told me it will impossible and laughed lol But mabye if you used that xyz stuff you could pull it off But then again it would take 3-4 experinced modders to delay the council meeting and stuff.
  7. Don't you also see them when you talk to Carth (Or see Carth) talking to various characters, also the Harbringer has Republic corpses/Holocrons which could porbably work. But you would probably need those dreaded voice overs
  8. Im trying to FTP my Xbox and the cable im using is a 15 ft. Snagless Cat 5 Patch Cable, the person who I talked to at the store I got it from said it should work but for some reason it dosen't connect. Unless the mod is supposed to be installed in my xbox before trying to FTP lol
  9. Is there anyway to make a script which allows you to return to Onderon after you save/kill Queen Talia?
  10. Well since mjpb3 said her mods worked on it I assumed they were reskins because thats what she makes. To get back on topic on pcgamemods.com I saw a mod their that would work with the xbox, if I find it I will post it
  11. W/e just to end this debate lets say some mods will work while some won't
  12. Who knows, well about the xbox you should check the Xbox board on this forum, some people got it to work their. http://www.lucasforums.com/forumdisplay.php?f=623 Preferably this http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=154422
  13. The mods you make with kotor tool can still work with a xbox, I think some of the older models (Since the first batch always has bugs) might make the mod work other then that you will need to mod your xbox in order to install PC mods on your xbox. Edit: You shoulden't make threats on the internet, with the FBI monitoring everything if something happens to Fred or anyone else you threatn you would be the first suspect.
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