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  1. Looks like I may be the first exception because I have an AMD Athlon XP 3200+ Barton based PC. -Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe motherboard -Athlon XP 3200+ Barton -1 GB Corsair 3200 RAM -160 GB SATA hard drive
  2. That worked. Has anyone actually looked into the reason why we have to turn on Windows 2000 compatability mode? What is wrong with my Windows XP that prevents it from loading?
  3. I bought the CD-ROM version of Battlefront II last night at Media Play. The game installed fine, but when I try to launch it I get an error saying "A required security module can not be activated. This program can not be executed." I have the original Disc 1 CD in the installation drive and I am still getting this error. I do not have any drive emulation software installed on my PC. Does anyone know of a way that I can get this to work? Phone tech support isn't open on the weekend otherwise I would call Lucasarts.
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