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  1. here i thought everyone new who razorace was since you are the founder of ojp and all
  2. i could of sworn mace uses va-apad unless there two names for the same style
  3. sounds cool kinda like tenqs ideas which i loved and were very reminiscent of kotor with your method of a 45s cool down the 4 saberists will just get up and slice you before you could fire it again.
  4. well after checking out the effects, i have to say im impressed. they looked quite nice, and i was wondering if i could use your thermal explosion or the concussion riffle for my ships explosion.
  5. yes basic is still core JKA with fixes, but we haven't really touched that as the focus is on enhanced
  6. yeah this one basically ups it into the highest the en gin will allow
  7. would love to see some old school dark forces powers like destruction, and force push where we could throw objects at people.
  8. does the forcefield really drian your FPS that much? cus frankly im getting anywhere from 60FPS to 120FPS depending on how well optimized the maps are.
  9. bit confused as i actually don't see the patch
  10. right now the easiest way to film someone is to spectate and have 2 other actors
  11. dang, the map has made leaps and bounds since i last saw it
  12. i actually really like that idea. kinda like how force push was back in the days of JK1.
  13. yeah unfortanitly by the time i saw the tread around 4 for me it was completely empty when i got on
  14. lol well as far as the rick rolling, if you go through all the messages it dose eventually close, and there's always ctrl+alt+delete and ending the Firefox/what ever browser you use processes
  15. personally i would love to see skins, models, and maps added in as i feel thats part of the reason so many people like MBII and kotf(yes ik its a scam and doesn't really exist) its that bit of eye candy that is like the cherry on top for the community. yes permission would be needed but most modders are pretty open about there stuff as long as you ask, and explain what its for. besides we already have permission to use a lot of maps already.
  16. not in the end when enemy's know how to guard break, and counter.
  17. when you when to create a game or create a server click on the advance options
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