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  1. Yo Omee, congrats! I was begining to think you'd Never come back! So back to the topic, how are the clone skins coming on?
  2. When are you releasing your clones? I've been waiting many days...weeks...maybe months...=/
  3. The filefront download preperation time is too long. the site is bugged and laggy.
  4. Hey, I wasn't around at the time of this AOTC Mod you speak of, can you send it to me?
  5. Maybe a little smaller? It's like resting and clipping throught the clone's shoulder. Good job otherwise
  6. No, I wasn't correcting you, don't worry. I was just mentioning that bcos you brought up the subject on AT-RT drivers... I know that other clone you mentioned drives it...yeah...
  7. In the EPIII video game, AT-RT drivers on coruscant were the yellow clones
  8. Woah, finally in abt a long month, marz has posted once more!
  9. What is the status and how is progress on CU v3 zappa?
  10. Since this thread is going dead...I'll revive it! I felt buffy-ish yesterday and decided to make some quality pics. And my favourite camera angle seems to be 155! Whadya think buffy?
  11. Yep It could never be the clone commando model if you look at the breathing apparatus on it's helmet
  12. Lol, I thought I saw 'Omme' as 'Buffy' at first
  13. I'm gonna be making a yellow EpIII arc commander now, just to let you people know. Wait for it Buffy~ =)
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