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  1. lol your a lucky lad deos she play jka......
  2. buffy btw its Jedi Knight not Jedi Knihgt well i dunno if you where spelling Knight...
  3. i like the part about HK do you know what love is and he talks about that sniper rifel lol i just agree with him
  4. http://jediknight2.filefront.com/file/Omeewans_Jedi_Skin_Pack_V1;59791x#866772 ITS THERE FINALLY !!
  5. wow i must edmit it is very cool !
  6. well what battalion is commadner neyo in ?
  7. sooooooooooo ? lol robert what battalion is neyo in ? commadner neyo the one with black colour
  8. i was asking maurox before he says they havent gone any further !
  9. can i here a WOOT WOOT for the clone Wars Weapons Mod Team ??!!
  10. lol any updates robert o btw get xfire its great ! you can send me the rifel over it lol
  11. omee i soo want that jedi in your signy i wanna use it as me lol its just cool
  12. he looks like a kashyyyk trooper may be it could be a commando leader on kashyyyk
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