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  1. lol your a lucky lad deos she play jka......
  2. buffy btw its Jedi Knight not Jedi Knihgt well i dunno if you where spelling Knight...
  3. i like the part about HK do you know what love is and he talks about that sniper rifel lol i just agree with him
  4. http://jediknight2.filefront.com/file/Omeewans_Jedi_Skin_Pack_V1;59791x#866772 ITS THERE FINALLY !!
  5. wow i must edmit it is very cool !
  6. well what battalion is commadner neyo in ?
  7. sooooooooooo ? lol robert what battalion is neyo in ? commadner neyo the one with black colour
  8. i was asking maurox before he says they havent gone any further !
  9. can i here a WOOT WOOT for the clone Wars Weapons Mod Team ??!!
  10. lol any updates robert o btw get xfire its great ! you can send me the rifel over it lol
  11. omee i soo want that jedi in your signy i wanna use it as me lol its just cool
  12. he looks like a kashyyyk trooper may be it could be a commando leader on kashyyyk
  13. may i ask what the top one is the one with a slim helmet
  14. do you have xfire ????? a jedi bandon i dont have msn so you cant send me the model
  15. what about your skins in your ava and signy has that got shaders ?
  16. and how you atc i hope omee deosnt act well ya know lol
  17. i sent you a pm with it in
  18. omme can you send me your model please the one in your ava and signy
  19. you can delete it if you want ill upload it again
  20. i hope some one makes a skin like dis
  21. omee could you make that sith twi lek skin like that person posted
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