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  1. hey, yea i remember you :) got my smuggler up to lvl15 :)

  2. thanks you crazy texan :p

  3. not if i defriend you first!

  4. thanks for the kind words, c**khole! :)

  5. Hey, I banned that deniel fellow cause he had spammed adverts for downloading movies in his sig. just an fyi.

  6. hahaha, Bill Bailey is cracked... but still very funny :)

  7. Well there Mr Timber Wolf, I've moved to Harvey (the wonder scarren (it's a weird al joke inside a farscape joke)), how about you :)

  8. yep, that's me :) Did a couple of other maps too, 2 ctf's and a ffa.

  9. Yea, that's why I mentioned it :p Sci-Fi shows that got the shaft too early.

  10. Yea, I never did watch SG-1, but I might have to get around to it someday. From what I saw of the couple eps of Atlantis I caught, ugh. Farscape does kickass though. If I was Bill Gates, I'd write checks out to like, Henson, or Whedon and say 'keep making my favorite shows dammit!'

  11. Ohhhhh, you beat me to the thread delete.

    /me shakes fist


    Don't worry, I banned him.


  12. (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)

  13. it'd be nice if last.fm left some kind of notice on the mainpage about that stuff...


    anyway, accepted :)

  14. I like metallica that's 1988 and prior, basically when they were working off old Mustaine riffs :)


    Otherwise for modern, I go for some melodic death metal (old Dark Tranquillity, Kalmah, old Children of Bodom) , and lots of Folk Metal (Ensiferum, Wintersun, Finntroll, Moonsorrow). But yea, I generally like lots of metal as long as it's decent musically. Not big on Hair metal either, and I expressly hate -core stuff.

  15. Yea, it's a marlboro. As to Megadeth, one of my favs, thought I'm not too keen on Ozzy, his Randy Rhoads era stuff was decent as well as his Sabbath era stuff, but as for ex-Sabbath singer, I prefer Dio. :)

  16. Yea mostly metal and some hard rock or classical thrown in occasionally. :)


  17. Awesome, I have an unnatural love for spaghetti westerns myself!

    Well, maybe not unnatural, but at least not popular :)

  18. Is that Terence Hill in your avatar? Trinity himself?

  19. hey, do you have some sort of instant messaging program? it would probably be a lot quicker help than posting a message a day back and forth.

  20. of course, I already accept, but that doesn't mean I want the abuse to stop...

  21. I won't tell her you think of her as a man from myspace :p

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