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  1. An absolute pleasure to play. I was hooked instantly. Find and claim Battlehorn Castle for your own and enjoy upgrading it. It's such a great place to hole-up and return to after long journeys and tiresome quests. Explore every inch of this world. I love that there's no rush to the main quest. Note the subtle changes as you move geographically across the lands. Take your time.
  2. I was following this kid during the draft. I was hoping he would end up in Chicago. He ran a sub 4:3 40 at the combine and impressed scouts by catching everything that came his way. His division 2 schooling kept him from a higher draft position, but it worked out for the Bears. We actually picked him with the pick we got from Denver in the J-Cut trade. How ironic. Hope they continue to improve. I totally agree about the O-line. Aside from the injuries to the defense, this is the next weakest link. Jay's a tough customer, but I don't want him taking too many hits like some of the ones on Sunday. What about that unholy scenario between Minnesota and Greenbay? I wouldn't be surprized to later find out that Favre's last name was actually Thorne.
  3. Hopefully, one hand will wash the other. If the Bears can generate a consistent pass rush and pressure the QB, everything else falls into line. The linebackers and defensive backs won't have work so hard and play out of position so much, thus the coverage would be more effective causing more three-and-outs or turnovers for the other team, which leads to more offensive opportunities for the Bears which in turn helps take the pressure off the young, talented receiving squad and rocket armed QB. Offensively, someway, somehow, Ron Turner and his empty bag of tricks better conjure up a way to get the ground game into production, and fast. Jay's good, but he can't do it all. For this one I got: BEARS 27 BROWNS 16
  4. iggy pop nina simone miles davis herbie handcock ramones Jean-luc Ponty Stanley Clarke Jay-Z RUSH Thelonius Monk
  5. I remember that ridiculous comeback orchestrated by the architect, Frank Lloyd Reich and Thermal Thomas. But, that was just one game though. I don't know what's happening with the Titans Oilers now. It looks like they just quit on Fisher. Don't know why, I always thought he was a great coach. Perhaps they'll snap out of it. Something's gotta turn them around.
  6. Sorry for the time displcement. I'm a long time lurker and infrequent visitor. I always make it back to check my friends out though.


    Yes, I love Fable and I'm droolin' for Fable3.



  7. My beloved BEARS took one on the chin down in the Dirty ATL. Matt Ryan continues to impress his will on the BEARS defense, especially when the game is on the line, in the 4th Qtr. (images of last year's debacle still fresh) We're really missing our Captain Urlacher and it was painfully apparent watching Tony Gonzales take our young linebacker Nick Roach to NFL school and use his old jedi mind tricks for touchdowns. Jay Cutler is promising. I think he tries to take on too much. Offensive coordinator Ron Turner needs some creativity with the run game to get Matt Forte loose. There's not enough time do discuss the D-backfield and all the issues there. Johnny Knox is the X-factor. Keep an eye on him, ...if you can.
  8. What is it about the Originals that set them apart and have them holding a higher approval rating after all this time even though clearly, technology and movie making had evolved and improved? Too much dialogue. The prequels harbor too much unecessary dialogue. How many great, one-line phrases can you warmly recite from the prequels? Two, maybe three? In the attempt to try to fit everything in, I believe they lost the classic imagery that the Originals possessed. Especially, A New Hope and Empire, arguably the two best StarWars movies ever.
  9. I had to vote for the Breakfast Club since the question was asked from the writing standpoint, but nothing compare's to the luster of Cousin Eddie's loafers.
  10. Boba Fett. "Shadows of the Empire"
  11. It's unfortunate that the youth of today can't comprehend how much this man's career and life has impacted them. If you're from this planet and were born at least 10 years ago, MJ has had an impact on your life. I was only recently reminded of the many different ways Micheal's music and impact on culture has affected me in my 4+ decades on this planet. The music that Michael and his family made early on influenced pretty much all of the R&B, rap, rock, and popular music to follow. Once Quincy Jones got a hold of him and their genius were combined, well, you know what happened next: Mega-super-icono-stardom of unprecedented proportions. Everyone in the music industry, no matter the genre or geography, used Micheal's rise to iconic fame during his career as the pinacle of stardom and many and most only strived to achieve a fraction of that height. It's not just the number of albums sold that no one will ever touch, it's the amazing amout of people that his spirit did touch that's impressive. Alot of that and the beauty of his music was clouded in his obscurity and eccentric nature of his later life. The media vultures and perpetual haters may pick over the bones of his obscure life, but they can't touch his legacy. May Michael rest peacefully and may his music and essence of dance perfection, showmanship and world peace live on forever. ...Off the Wall is in my car right now.
  12. What do you think of this? http://www.swtor.com/media/trailers/deceived-cinematic-trailer What's this? ...a MMORPG with a great storyline and near limitless interaction set in the time we all know and love? Trailer looks awesome. Very interested in this development I am. I wonder how close the gameplay will look to this.
  13. Sports: NCAA Football, Fightnight3, NBA LIVE('09 only), Madden, Tiger '09 and 2K9baseball. Shooters/Action: You already have the best in the COD's but Rainbow6 VEGAS was sweet. Resident Evil5 didn't live up to the hype. FARCRY'S novelty wore off way too quick and HALO is well, just HALO. RPG's: Fallout, Mass Effect and Oblivion are all awesome and worthy of purchase, but I thoroughly enjoyed building my family and simultaneously running three cities in GODFATHER 2. The download for GTA4 (Lost & the Dammed) is worth every Microsoft point and "The Pitt" and "Broken Steel", downloads for Fallout, are very nice additions. HAWX allows you to fill your 'need for speed' and the graphics are great in playback mode, but it was way too short. BEST: GTA4, MASS EFFECT, OBLIVION WORST: Virtual Tennis, Ironman and anything Spiderman. DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT BUYING: Force Unleashed
  14. You've got to be kidding. The original KotOR story is what made the game. Bioware is famous for the rich content of thier stories joined with the playability of the storytelling. This combo often brings them awards for brilliant games, millions of game sales and happy fans. Quality and depth were exactly what TSL was missing when they followed up KotOR. It definately lacked that connection and impact that KotOR had. However, I did like the upgrades in weapons, sabers and leveling. The Jedi armor was weak and looked like crap though. ...and Kreia! My God, she was the lamest, cryptic pain in the arse ever.
  15. What do you mean? MassEffect was exceptionally fun to play. I wish there was a bit more diversity in some of the armor and weapons, but still, quite entertaining. Would have been nice for more interaction with other characters and I wouldn't have minded a few more encounters when visiting worlds either. Still loved it. Graphically, it ruled. I've probable spent the most time in Oblivion, and rightly so. The wonderful freedom of this game has no rival. Fallout rocked, but I didn't like the max level. I was maxed before I finished half the game. Still, mass carnage can't be beat. However, nothing compares to the first time you play Knights. ...except for maybe the second.
  16. Soriano again. Why do pitchers keep trying to throw fastballs down the middle of the plate against this guy? So it begins.
  17. The 360's gaming quality is hi-def, but unfortunately it doesn't play hi-def vids. The Blu-ray player is Playstation3 exclusive. There once was a seperately sold Microsoft hi-def player that hooked up to the 360 a while ago, but that was before the hi-def wars. Don't know if they still make 'em.
  18. My first insinct is to say Skywalker. Maybe it's for the fact that Bendak was such a wuss, I donno. Perhaps, I'm biased because I like Skywalker and I hated Force Unleashed, I donno. But, I can't help acknowledging the fact that by force, Starkiller brought down a Stardestroyer while Luke had a hard time with an X-wing stuck in the mud. ...of course, this was before Yoda's training.
  19. That man brightened many a monotonous, boring workday with his unique blend of news and humor. I looked forward to listening to him and he'll be missed by many. Our workshift will be a bit dimmer now, but I'll make sure to try take his daily advice and make each day a 'good day'.
  20. Globe hopping with Evans and Kenner in Crighton's State of Fear. Remember: GLOBAL WARMING IS FICTION
  21. It's hard to get my spring enthusiasm going when it's so close to zero outside, however, looking ahead, clouds of uncertainty loom over my Brewers who have so many unproven arms in the bullpen. I am excited to watch SP. Gallardo this season. ...high hopes for him. He's got the stuff. 96 mph fast ball, nasty slider and a sinker that disappears before your very eyes. Except for the antics of Braun and Fatboy Fielder, I expect steady play from the wiley vets Hall, Cameron and Counsell. Villenueva pitched well comming out of the bullpen last year and McClung throws 99mph. Trevor Hoffman is a decent save artist and will have to close doors for this team to win close ones. Watch out for youngin' Tony Gwynn Jr. I expect him to improve with more playing time. Can't wait to travel south of the border and pick on those Cubbies. Put your money on the Chorizo.
  22. Congratulations Auntie, Baby books, check Crib toy, check Case of diapers, check Bottle of wine for Mom, check Now, you're ready. Oh wait, don't forget the camera. ...that is one great name. :-)
  23. Absolutely. It's a nice break from decapitating super-mutants. Nice list. I put KotOR II behind Oblivion and Mass Effect though. KotOR rules all.
  24. Personally, I could give a rats ass what happened to Revan. I just want to jump back to that timeframe and wield my saber again. I will enjoy the fact of having more jedi around as well. Force Unleashed left such a bad taste in my mouth, I almost denounced the force altogether. I know I won't be able to resist once it comes out, MMO or not. So, why fight it. It is useless to resist...
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