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  1. I would have asked for the write up. There is nothing to indicate that galaxy is a training facility. Training for what anyway? Why a galaxy class? That is an incredibly large starship to be wasted and used as a training facility.
  2. The Enterprise D never landed. Specially in that episode, it was not a two parter either. I think you are getting confused with the 37's from voyager.
  3. The Utopia Planitia shipyard picture just made me wet myself.
  4. Gratz man. It's aaaaaaaaaaall downhill from here. But i believe there is a restaurant in the next quarter mile. They serve cookies! I'm there already. Peace.
  5. Saw a Chinook on my way home from school once. I felt it first though. The sound that thing puts out is amazing. Shortly after the Iraq war started i remember seeing a huge fleet of about 50 helicopters fly over my town. don't know where they were going though.
  6. I hope it will be as free-roaming as Oblivion. Is Skyrim that snowland the people in Bruma were always on about?
  7. http://star-trek--trailer.blogspot.com/
  8. I can't really tell if i'm gonig to like that new doctor or not. I'll give him chance to see him in the full episode. I know one thing for sure though, i'm gonna miss Tennant's face every time he steps out of the Tardis. In that trailer then, it was priceless. Damn he loves time-travelling.
  9. Jedi Knight came out in the lull between the original and the prequel trilogy so hopefully concentration will fall on media like this rather than films.
  10. Quarter pounder with cheese next to a squid. The trailer is out on monday on the official film website. Reportedly this shot isn't in it, you only see it being constructed on Earth and the ship going to warp.
  11. Moeller. There are groups you can join, people can help you. Don't go down this dark path.
  12. Look at the falcon and say that again.
  13. How exactly did any of the ship designs look organic in Star Wars? The exception being Naboo ships but they are just a cultural design but they hardly look anything like this.
  14. I have to say, i like the design. The torpedo launchers and the thrusters are scaled smaller which is better as the launchers on the refit were too big considering they launch human-sized torpedoes. I'm surprised the neck is angled so far back but it has the added benefit of making the deflector dish a more prominent feature. I don't like the nacelles though. They remind me of 60's headlights, but they seem to taper off into an Enterprise-E style. They're are parts of that design you do kind of wonder, why did they change it? I think it will grow on me but in one way i think and i mean think Jeffries would have approved. At the end of the day i just think, they redesigned the enterprise for TMP and threw in the fact that it was a refit and everyone was fine with it. Just one word. Despite the fact that the actual body of the ship had changed, if it was a refit, they took everything out and built up from the framework. It blatently was not a refit, but we were fine with it. I'm giving these guys the benefit of the doubt because they haven't made everything and tried to clumsily explain how it all fits it into canon.
  15. Dude that is really nice. You've probably figured out how to transfer your consciousness and true physiology inside it.
  16. I gotz you a cookie but i eated it. Happy birthday dude.
  17. In an ideal world, there would be no poverty or starvation but it's not an ideal world so what these people spend their money on is their business without having to bring up the fact there are people dying etc..
  18. To be honest. When i have the money, i will go in the Trek direction.
  19. I posed with one in Madame Tussasasasaurus in london a year or two back. Did'nt stay too long because i was getting really evil looks from about every person in there, including Saddam.
  20. Most of these sound like diseases. I think were all wallets.
  21. Ace. I love the Himalayas. I'm still convinced that lost city is in there somewhere.
  22. Greater Wincanter, I'm pretty sure that's somewhere in the Atlantic isn't it?
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